YMCA Team derides Saturday Club in YMCA Cup’s game 17


The YMCA Team jockeying for the 3rd slot in the elimination round of the YMCA Cup, netted its fourth win deriding the favoured Saturday Group ball club in the first game of last Mondays’ match-up by seventeen points, in the last canto of game 17 , 100 – 83 favouring the YMCA Team.

Meanwhile, on a close fight situation both teams favouring a tight defense also displayed good offensive strategies that tied the score 29-29 in the first quarter of play with seven three point shots made by each team to maintain score distances, however, a three pointer courtesy of Ferdinand Sapalong provided the YMCA team with a two point nod on the last seconds of the second quarter 53-51.

Meanwhile, YMCA Team coach Jerome Gawidan having a two point advantage at the end of the second canto, opted to a tight defensive play that also provided the team better offensive strategies that gained results on the third quarter of play edging the opponent with a five point lead 76-71, to a bloated seventeen points at the end of the fourth quarter of play.

Likewise, the YMCA PTC outplayed King Louise on the second game of the evening with a ten point lead 105 – 95, to advance on 2nd slot in the elimination round. 1st slot in the elimination round is the Wednesday Ball Club, and on 4th slot is the Saturday group, while the YMCA BBC remains on the 5th slot with three games to go before the Semi Final round of the tournament.





GP                          Win                        Loss                       %


  1. Wednesday Club                                      5                            5                               0                         000
  2. Parent Teachers Council                        5                             4                               1                         .8000
  3. YMCA Team                                            6                             4                               2                         .6666
  4. Saturday Club                                          5                             3                               2                         .6000
  5. King Louise                                               5                             1                               4                         .2000
  6. YMCA Basketball Club                           5                              1                              4                          .2000
  7. YMCA Bodybuilding                               5                                                              5                          .0000