YMCA 2nd Wave of Summer Frolics Up

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BAGUIO CITY – Over 100 children are expected to participate in the YMCA Summer Frolics Sports program for its second wave starting June 4 to July 7, 2018 here at the local YMCA gymnasium. Basic and fundamental trainings in five sport disciplines, badminton, karate-do, taekwondo, judo, and basketball, are to be tackled.

Aimed to train children in the different sports discipline, the program also goes with the advocacy of promoting a healthier lifestyle for the children as well as encourage them to be indulged in different sporting activities.

The Program component will also include awareness of the value of sports, discipline, development and enhancement of skills in the different field of sport, development of the children’s sport interests, and the development of future athletes which will coincide with the PSC’s grassroots program for sports. Enrolment for the Summer Frolics is still open for interested parties.

Meanwhile, the local YMCA recently launch the YMCA World Challenge an international program for YMCA’s around the world to mobilize the movement and show its impact in the local communities. Done every 1st week of June annually, the program is also held to celebrate the 174th founding anniversary of the YMCA by George Williams.

This year’s world challenge entitled “Run with the YMCA” was conducted by the local YMCA in La Trinidad on June 2, 2018, which was participated by local run enthusiasts. The Run was aimed to encourage joining and contributing to journey with a combined total of 120,000 Kilometres or 75 miles to be completed by all YMCA’s around the world.

The program also gave opportunity to invite people to the global movement, speak of its mission for the development of the youth, family, and community, in Spirit, Mind, and Body.