Why you need to clean your bedsheets regularly!

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You are probably in the habit of washing your clothes and dishes after every use, but what about your bedsheets? Bedsheets can be a hassle to clean, and you probably don’t even realize how soiled they are. Regardless of the hassle and clean appearance, though, you need to clean your bedsheets regularly. Here’s why:

Why You Should Clean Your Sheets 

Cleaning your bedsheets regularly is important for the hygiene of your bed and sheets. If you do not clean your bedsheets regularly, your bed will quickly become a hot spot for dead cells, bacteria, fungus, mold, fecal matter, and a number of other gross things that we certainly do not want to sleep in.

Sleeping in dirty sheets exposes you to a number of harmful fungi, bacteria, pollen, and dander. Though you probably will not get very sick from sleeping in dirty sheets, many people have subtle negative reactions that can hinder your sleep and linger into the day.

For example, dirty sheets can trigger eczema and other types of contact dermatitis. They also trigger people with asthma and allergies. Even those without either consider can experience a stuffy nose if they sleep on dirty linens. Finally, some studies even suggest that you can transmit and contract infections through dirty sheets.

Cleaning your sheets prevents those reactions from occurring. More so, washing your sheets makes them feel softer and smell nicer, which makes your bed comfier to sleep in.

How Often You Should Clean Your Sheets 

91% of people change their sheets every other week. Although this is by far the most prominent washing-schedule, most experts recommend washing your sheets a minimum of once a week.

Factors to Consider

Of course, there are certain factors that will cause you to wash your sheets more or less often than once a week.

You should wash your sheets more often if you:

  • Have allergies or asthma
  • Have skin conditions such as lesions, eczema, acne, or contact dermatitis
  • Sweat excessively
  • Share your bed with a pet
  • Eat in bed
  • Shower in the morning
  • Sleep naked

In contrast, you may need to wash your sheets less frequently if you:

  • Shower at night
  • Sleep alone
  • Don’t sleep in your bed frequently

Washing Tips

Since your sheets are exposed to a number of harmful and gross irritants, it is important to wash them properly. If you fail to fully wash your sheets, the various bacteria, fungi, and mold cannot be fully removed, leaving you with dirty sheets even after a wash.

Whenever you wash your sheets, set the washer on a high temperature and heavy-duty setting. Doing so will ensure that the wash thoroughly cleans your sheets. Additionally, use strong detergents. If you have asthma or allergies, opt for hypoallergenic detergents that will thoroughly clean your sheets without irritating you.

Keeping Bedsheets Clean Between Washes

There are some things you can do to keep your sheets cleaner between washes.

Most notably, only get in bed after a shower or bath. Doing so will ensure that the junk and grime of the day stay out of your bed. After you shower, do not use greasy or tinted lotions, creams, or oils. If you do, the residue will stick to the sheets. If you don’t have time to take a full shower, try to wash your face and feet at the least.

Additionally, keep food and animals off the bed. Both food and animals leave your bed nasty and in need of frequent washes. If you want to eat in bed or snuggle up with a furry friend, though, try putting a throw blanket over your sheets and comforter. This will allow you to easily remove the blanket for washing whenever you’re done eating or snuggling.

Final Thoughts

Although most people wash their bedsheets once every other week, you should try to wash yours every week at the least. Doing so will protect you from sleeping in a number of harmful irritants, causing you to both feel better and experience a better night’s sleep. For more sleep related article and product recommendations, don’t forget to visit Sleepstandards.com.

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