What Is So Great About The New Year

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I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I think if you want to change something, change it today and don’t wait until the New Year. – Georgina Bloomberg

Almost everybody is excited about the New Year. Since it is a tradition, we normally greet each other with wide smiles like we really mean it. Of course we get excited because the new year gives us a fresh determination to pursue worthwhile goals that we have set years ago. It gives us a brand new start, a chance to redirect our paths when we went astray and failed to meet the expectations we previously set ourselves.

It is human nature to be excited with anything new. We become optimistic when we start something such as, reporting for a new work, transferring to a new house, or buying a new car. We even write new year’s resolutions to document the promises we annually impose upon ourselves such as discarding bad habits.

But as days drag on, enthusiasm start to fade away. We go back to our old habits. Slowly, we allow disappointments and discouragements affect the way we look at our future. We grow tired and weary. The excitement dries up. And we eventually abandon all those promises we made at the start of the year.

That is why there is what experts say “self-talk”. We have to encourage our own selves constantly. No one else will. People will just look at your weaknesses and spread the word for all the world to hear. The problem with us is that we easily react to rumors about us. As a result, we get distracted. And we get distracted easily. We lose focus. Those distractions will ultimately drain our energy to move forward. Winston Churchill said, “you will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

We have to remind ourselves of our goals with regularity. We have to write our plans and dreams and post it somewhere visible so that we look at it every day. We should not allow our eyes and minds to lose sight of the prize. That is what winners, achievers and high flyers usually do.

Let the next new year be truly happy and prosperous, and not just a mere holiday greeting. That can happen if we are able to sustain our momentum of running our respective races to claim our respective prizes which are our hopes and dreams. Let us accomplish them so that there will be a reason to celebrate our accomplishments next new year.

Most people will passively do exactly what they did last year. Whatever you do, don’t let that person be you (Richie Norton)