Waterworks, local road projects in Benguet assured

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ITOGON, Benguet – Benguet Caretaker Congressman and Anti-Crime and Terrorism through Community Involvement and Support (ACT-CIS) Party-list Rep. Eric Yap assured the people of Benguet of the implementation of more waterworks and improvement of local roads provincewide to help in spreading development opportunities in the rural areas that will spur economic activities.

Yap, who attended the general assembly of Barangay Ampucao here, stated that he will exert extra effort to source out appropriate funds to bankroll the construction of more waterworks projects in identified remote villages to ensure people will have access to potable water for their domestic use.

He claimed there are many remote areas in the province needing the potable waterworks projects as water is one of the basic needs of the people that must be readily available, thus, for this year, he included in the annual budget some P100 million to jumpstart the rolling out of waterworks projects in the countryside, especially in areas that urgently need sustainable potable supply water.

However, Congressman Yap stipulated that despite the meager allocation for waterworks projects in the province, he will still make the appropriate representations with concerned government agencies to prioritize the inclusion of identified areas around Benguet needing such projects in their future budgets to help improve economic activities.

The lawmaker explained that the government cannot fund the implementation of all waterworks projects at the same time that is why prioritization is being made by the concerned government agencies in coordination with local governments to prioritise areas direly in need of such projects even as he will work out to have areas in Benguet was priority areas for waterworks projects.

On the other hand, Yap also recognized the importance of improving the state of local roads for the free movement of people and goods thus enhancing economic activities in the countryside and encourage people to stay put in their communities.

He pointed out that good state of roads are drivers of the economy in the rural areas and he wants people in far flung communities to benefit from improved roads because economic activities will surely follow and flourish once there will be good roads leading to the rural areas.

By having good roads leading to the countryside, Yap assured that people will be enticed to live better lives in their places rather than taking the risk of trying their luck in the urban centers as they will instead be putting up their own businesses or be employed in businesses that will thrive in their communities.

He urged concerned sectors to continue bringing to his attention their issues and concerns for him to address through the assistance of concerned government agencies and the involved local governments.

Photo by Armando M. Bolislis