Value Your Waiting Time


Why should you value your waiting time?

There are times when it is better to wait rather than to rush, to appreciate the seemingly “slow motion” rather than the swift run, to value waiting rather than chase what’s not meant to be (yet).

As I write this, I was waiting for the next trip (11pm) bound to Baguio. It’s 5 minutes past 10pm and I just gave way to another chance passenger my supposed seat in the 10pm trip.

I told myself, “I’ll better just wait for my scheduled trip, 11pm, so I won’t arrive so early in Baguio ahead of the sunrise. It would be better to arrive there when it’s already daylight. Besides, the later the better – when it comes to traffic in EDSA on a Friday night.”

Just three hours ago, I saw a post on Facebook by a priest bound to Baguio that their 4pm trip from Pasay was still along EDSA Shrine at 7pm. The usual 30-minute trip turned to 3-hour ride. Terrible traffic, you say. (This happened in 2014.)

The traffic was unusual that night – not the usual traffic. Even if traffic jam was expected, the situation that night was unexpected.

When was the last time you unexpectedly needed to wait?

What can you do while waiting? Two Sundays ago, I shared about planning, praying, and focusing on the positive side while stuck in traffic. Today, let me share two things you can do while waiting:

First, waiting time is preparation time.

Are you waiting for the good time to transfer somewhere else because you think something else is better but cannot move out yet? Maybe it’s time build on some emergency fund so you have something in the bank just in case. Maybe it’s time to create new relationships. Is there someone you need to get to know? Are there skills you need to develop? Maybe you can actually develop those skills in your current job. Maybe you can enrol somewhere else to learn such skills.

Or are you waiting for the board exam? Don’t just wait. This is the time to review and rewire your mind and get ready to ride on the race of the tough series of exams when they come.

What is that thing you are waiting for? And while waiting, what you can do to prepare for that thing you are waiting for?

Second, waiting time is repair time.

Are you waiting for your dream relationship? Ha! Maybe it’s time to mend your broken heart. Are you still hurting? Have you checked the reason why your previous relationship ended? Is there something you need to change in yourself? Are there unresolved issues you have with your parents which may be affecting how you relate with your partner? Seek the help of a friend or a professional. Heal yourself through the help of a support group or a circle in your church.

Or are you waiting for your dream car? Maybe you need to simply repair your existing car for now. You might be surprised you can still drive it for many more miles.

What is it that you are waiting? And what do you need to repair so that when what you are waiting comes, you are ready to receive it?

Your waiting could be literal or at a deeper level – but the reason for the wait could be that – so you can prepare and repair. This is the value of waiting.

Appreciate the value of waiting and make the most out of it. Happy waiting – prepare and repair while you wait!

(Chris Dao-anis, as an author and speaker, helps young and aspiring professionals become better communicators and leaders. Visit his website at or email him at