Use of information slips in PUVs, businesses pushed

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The City Council, during last Monday’s regular session, approved on first reading a proposed ordinance imposing the use of information slip to be provided and supplied by public utility vehicles (PUVs), business establishments, government agencies and private offices for passengers, customers and clients who availed of their services and goods aimed at monitoring, contact tracing, and other purposes on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and other  illnesses in the city.

For purposes of convenience and safety, city legislators stated that passengers, customers and clients will prepare and submit their own information slip bearing the basic information needed such name, city address , contact number and date of the transaction or services availed.

Under the proposed ordinance, all PUVs, business establishments, government agencies and private offices, shall secure the information slip and not to be exhibited, set out, or posted for open viewing by the general public or in a public or conspicuous manner.

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Further, all PUVs, establishments and government agencies and private offices shall devise a system or method on how to store and file or organize the information slip for convenience and accessibility purposes.

The council claimed the data or information shall be made available when so required by the local government and government agencies purposely for monitoring and contact racing.

According to the City Council, the information slip, instead of the traditional log book, is needed for monitoring, contact tracing and other purposes, on the outbreak of COVID-19 in the city to alleviate the fear, as well as to protect the health and privacy of passengers, customers and clients of the information that will be shared.

The council disclosed that recently, PUVs, establishments, government agencies and private offices required their passengers, customers and clients to sign and fill up a logbook when availing of their goods and services.

However, the council claimed the logbook does not allegedly show the true and accurate information because passengers, customers and clients fear surface transmission, hence, they hesitate to make use and make contact with things like pen and the pad used and provided for them in the registration and passengers, customers and clients fear that their information may be exhibited, set out, or posted for open viewing by the general public or in a public and conspicuous manner.

The council stipulated that all PUVs, establishments, government agencies and private offices shall require their customers and passengers the use of face masks, observe utmost hygiene and sanitation, conduct continuous dis-infection of high traffic and high touch contact areas, provide hand sanitizers or handwash stations at their entrances, and shall enforce such other advisories as prescribed by the health department and the local government offices.

The ordinance was referred to the appropriate committee for study and recommendation on whether or not the same will have to undergo the required public consultations before approval on second and third readings.

By Dexter A. See

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