Unleash Your Potential


You and I have potentials. In you is that power and goodness that must be unleashed for you to perform, profit and progress.

There was this group of young people being trained to help them become better prepared in job and in life.  Assessing their potential, some are at Level 3 while some at Level 5. But during and after the training, it was observed that some of those at Level 5 just moved an inch toward Level 6 while those who were at Level 3 took a big leap catapulting them to Level 7 edging out those who were at first taking the lead. They are now the at a better footing than those who were better before.

The essence of this comparison is not who is better among the other; the essence of which is who have grabbed and maximized the opportunity to grow. It is about who have become much better versions of themselves compared to their previous selves.

You and I need to reflect on this. Are we making the effort to unleash our potential by maximizing our growth potential?

If we want to unleash our potential, let’s look at three guiding principles of thinking action that can help us through:

First, take charge of your life. No one else is responsible for your life. It is you who needs to take charge. Stop saying that you are a victim of life. It may be true that your past, circumstances, or status is at a disadvantage – bad and not as good as your neighbour on the right. But note that there are people who also suffered as much as you have who have overcome their struggles. And there are those who have suffered even much more than what you have suffered but they have persevered and moved forward to the better status that they have today. Let’s learn from them.

There was a hardworking gardener/grass-cutter named Arnold. His father was a carpenter and his mother was a housemaid. Life was difficult for them. As he shared his story, he said, “Swerte na kapag magkita kami ng isang beses sa isang taon.” Early on, he would help his parents by selling ice buko and ice drop in elementary… itlog, mani and hopia in high school.

He was not good in Math that made him earn a four-year degree in Algebra. He took it for four years! Until today, he hasn’t passed that subject.

He did not finish college so he had limited opportunities when it comes to job or even business. As a gardener, he dreamt of becoming a janitor. That was dream job. His reason: he wants to work inside the building, no longer outside under the scorching heat of the sun. He worked hard and one day, he became a janitor. He was so thankful that his dream came true.

But one day, his employer had to deal with some problems. Arnold lost his job. He questioned the Lord, “Daya mo naman Lord. Janitor na nga lang, tinanggal mo pa!” …but he kept his faith. He was hurt but he persevered. He kept on.

He looked for a job. Later on, because of hard work, can-do attitude, and determination, he became a salesman to manager with whopping thousands of sales that gradually grew to millions. During a closing quarter of the year when textbook sales usually go down, he generated P500,000 in sales. He took on new assignments in far Vigan City and in 2006, he had P2M sales; in 2007, P5M; until he reached his highest at P15M for the year.

With his good earnings because of good performance at work, he finally built his house in Cavite. He has become of great help to his employer’s business.

For a bigger dream, he left the company. In 2012, he put up his own business – a publishing company called Pisara Publishing. Today, his another dream to have his family together is now a reality.

It happened because he made it happen. Arnold shook off his victim-mindset. He took charge!

Second, exude your goodness. While you have your weaknesses and pains, you also have your strengths and blessings. You have a lot in the good side.

During one of the Life Skills Training for Jobstart Philippines, a project by DOLE to help out-of-school youth get a job, I was doing a mock interview with a trainee.

Let’s call her Michelle, a young lady who did not finish school and who needs help in looking for a job.

I was impressed by how articulate she is and how focused she is with her goals. Part of the training is the module on goal setting and I’d say she is applying what she is learning. I felt her sincerity and the dedication she has when it comes to working. She knew what she can do for the employer by highlighting her basic skills based on the trainings she had and on some few experiences she had – even how little that experience is.

Later, in the conversation, I was surprised that at her very young age, she already has three children. I felt that she knew she made a mistake early on but she faced the consequence with hope and positivity and now taking better decisions and actions. Life is difficult for her but based on her words and behaviour, he is in for the good. He knows her strengths and blessings. He appreciates what is good in life and with this, I believe and pray that she will have more goodness in life – more that she will receive and more that shall come out from her.

Despite the difficulties of life and her past mistakes, she is focused on the present and the future, and the goodness therein.

You and I have our own weaknesses and mistakes, but we can learn from Michelle. Let’s learn to exude our goodness.

Third, take that step. There is no other way but to take action. Yes, let’s learn from Arnold and Michelle. Let’s learn from people who have overcome their struggles and succeeded. But we have to take our own step.

This is the challenge for you and me: Initiate. Do extra. Push yourself. Ask. Don’t be afraid to try. Take action!

With these guiding principles, it is with hope that we will be able unleash the potential that we have by taking charge, exuding our goodness, and by taking that step.

(Chris Dao-anis/CPA, as an author and speaker, helps aspiring and young professionals become better communicators and leaders. His first book ‘The Gift of the Ordinary’ is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City and in Central Books in Cebu and Metro Manila. To invite him for seminars, talks and other resources, visit www.chrispoweracademy.com or email chrisdaoanis@ymail.com.)