UC led CAR schools in May 2019 CPALE

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National Passing rate sinks deeper

Baguio City – University of the Cordilleras (UC) led Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) colleges and universities in the success rate of Certified Public Accountants  (CPA) candidates during the May 2019 CPA Licensure Examination even as the national passing rate sinks deeper into the company of the all-time lows.

A total 1,699 out of 10,319 aspiring accountants nationwide passed the latest exams, for a success rate of 16.46%.  This is down from the 25.19% last October and the 28.92% of May, 2018.

In the locality, UC led the pack with its impressive 41.94% success rate. The institution produced a total of 26 new CPAs from 62 candidates.

May 2019 CPA Licensure Exam Results (CAR)
School Pass Tot %
University of the Cordilleras 26 62 41.94%
Saint Louis University 51 239 21.34%
University of Baguio 7 35 20.00%
Mountain Province State Polytechnic College 3 39 7.69%
Kings College of the Philippines – Benguet 2 43 4.65%
Cordillera Career Development College 2 52 3.85%
AMA Computer College – Baguio 0 10 0.00%
Ifugao State University 0 7 0.00%
Divine Word-Bangued 0 6 0.00%
Kalinga State University 0 6 0.00%
Legend: Pass – Number of passers
            Tot – number of examinees fielded
            % – success rate

Saint Louis University is second with 21.34% while UB was third at an even 20%.

SLU is the fourth overall in number of CPA passers and third in success rate among 13 other schools who fielded more than a 100 examinees.

Schools with most passers
School Passers Total examinees Success rate
Polytechnic University of the PH Main – Sta Mesa 91 570 15.96%
De La Salle University – Manila 61 82 74.39%
University of Santo Tomas 59 133 44.36%
Saint Louis University 51 239 21.34%
University of San Jose – Recoletos 48 87 55.17%
Performance of schools with over 100 examinees (Nationwide)
School Passers Total examinees Success rate
University of Santo Tomas 59 133 44.36%
San Beda University 33 151 21.85%
Saint Louis University 51 239 21.34%
Ateneo De Naga University 19 100 19.00%
Saint Paul School of Professional Studies – Palo 35 194 18.04%
Baliuag University 18 110 16.36%
Polytechnic University of the PH Main – Sta Mesa 91 570 15.96%
La Consolacion College – Manila 20 144 13.89%
Bataan Peninsula State University – Balanga 12 117 10.26%
University of Southern Philippines 11 121 9.09%
Philippine School of Business Administration – Manila 19 231 8.23%
University of Luzon 8 146 5.48%
RC-AL Khwarizmi International College 5 105 4.76%
Philippine School of Business Administration – QC 8 172 4.65%

SLU trails only Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Sta. Mesa (91), De La Salle University – Manila (61), and University of Santo Tomas (59) as top producer of CPAs in this batch.

Only UST (44.36%) and San Beda University (21.85%) were better in success rate among schools who fielded more than a hundred aspirants.

The national passing rate this examination was the lowest since the 19.98% in July of 2014. The highest success rate during the last five years was 42.84% obtained during the May 2016 examination.

The licensure examination was held on May 12, 19 and 20 in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legaspi and Tacloban. The 3-day examination covered the following subjects: auditing and management advisory services, taxation and regulatory framework for business transactions, financial accounting and reporting and advanced financial accounting and reporting.

Since the October 2018 CPA Licensure Examinations provisions of certain laws and standards like the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion or TRAIN Law, PFRS 9 on” “Financial instruments” and PFRS 15 on “Revenue from Contracts with Customers” were included among the topics given in the exams.

The members of the Board of Accountancy who gave the licensure examination are Noe G. Quiñanola, Chairman; Marko Romeo L. Fuentes, Vice Chairman; Gloria T. Baysa, Samuel B. Padilla, Arlyn Juanita S. Villanueva, Thelma S. Ciudadano and Gervacio I. Piator, Members.

CAR schools had previously struggled during the October 2018 examinations but were far better performances in the May 2018 edition although the national level was terrible.

In the October 2018 edition, University of Baguio (UB) led CAR schools in success rate, producing 9 new CPAs out of the 17 candidates for a 52.94% passing rate. The 17 examinees of UB, however, was just the seventh largest among CAR schools. SLU was second with a 27.42% passing rate, while UC, which perennially does better when compared to the national rate, barely got over the national passing rate with 25.93%. The seven other remaining schools produced a combined four passers out 170 candidates.

In the May, 2018 edition, SLU (43.25%) had the second most number of passers in the entire country at 109 and outperformed all schools with 200 or more examinees. UC (50.85%) had an alumnus, Donald Mark Marcos Rapinan, garnering 89.83% rating that was good for 7th place in the top ten, while UB (55.56%) registered the best success rate among CAR schools. All three schools were also way better than the national passing rate at that time. The other CAR schools generally fared just fine, producing a combined 21 of 146 examinees.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA), Baguio-Benguet Chapter is organizing an oath-taking ceremony in Baguio. The oath-taking ceremony is expected to be held sometime in July. The chapter will be proving details upon confirmation.

List of Passers
Saint Louis University
1. Nicoleigh A. Balagtas 27. Zoren E. Leal
2. Marie Cghristine Y. Bautista 28. Ruth Krizelle A. Ligligen
3. Daniel Joseph S. Baylon 29. Larmaine P. Macdangdang
4. Yin Aryl C. Baysa 30. Marinela Thea C. Magno
5 Ruby Rose L. Bayuga 31. Daniel S. Mallare
6. Klein Arvie G. Biado 32. Ynna Mei Alianna A. Pacada
7. Phoebe A. Balnco 33. Christian Karl L. Palma
8. Lerisa A. Campos 34. Karen Buna C. Paningbatan
9. Dianne Micah I. Cayago 35. Micahel Angelo A. Parel
10. Andrelyn Heidi S. Compelio 36. Gene Carlo A. Payumo
11. Arianne K. Dalay-on 37. May Pearl S. Pelerio
12. Christian Dale W. Daniel 38. Gianne C. Razon
13. Ma. Micahela F. Dela Cruz 39. Ma. Kristin G. Reyes
14. Reina Mae F. Domingo 40. Christian Y. San Pedro
15. Marco A. Dulay 41. Hanna Jean A. Saingan
16. Pamela Larina T. Dumrique 42. Mary Hasseleine C. Serrano
17. Christine Lorraine L. Duran 43. Danikka Gayle S. Solima
18. Dovie B. Fabelena 44. Donnabel Kate G. Tadifa
19. Bianca Rica P. Fontanilla 45. Garth Carias Tayaotao
20. Cybill Aira S. Gacuya 46. Jeena Klaire B. Todyong
21. Allysa M. Gapasin 47. Kriistine M. Urcia
22. Aleah D. Garin 48. Nadine I. Velilia
23. Carlhiston B. Go 49. Dianne Abigail G. Vila
24. Edenor C. Ingalla 50. Jasper M. Viray
25. Czarina Phivi E. Keith 51. Manuel Ma. Mason III G. Yao
26. Czareena Marie R. Labuguen

*List courtesy of JPIA-SLU Chapter

Cordillera Career Development College
1. Raizza A. Johnny 2. Honorio O. Salaza

*List lifted from CCDC CBEA Facebook page

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