Transport coop holds membership meet in Hong Kong


The Cordillera Basic Sectors Transport Cooperative, having a regional operation in the Cordillera Administrative Region and whose members are of the basic sectors, have members located not only in the region but also overseas.

The cooperative aims to uplift OFWs, for them to have a chance to have their own business, in this regard to invest in the transportation sector. This will help improve the lives of these OFWs, so they will be home with their families and manage their own business, instead of staying and working abroad until they get old.

OFWs in different countries who wanted to venture in the transportation business have been signing up as members and are investing in CBSTC.

On April 19, 2019 the Team CBSTC flew to Hongkong for a requested PMES or Pre-Membership Education Seminar. It was requested by its members and interested OFWs in HK. They wanted to have a first-hand seminar from the Team CBSTC – headed by Chairman Jude G. Wal and Vice Chairman Junifer V. Lausan, with BOD Ben Faroden, BOD James Sadey, BOD Vina Martin, BOD and HR Vice Chairwoman Glaydy Sayucop, Secretary General Rex Bayangan, Admin Vice Chairwoman Jodie Ann Kapawen,  IT Vice Chairman Nodel Bagtila, Deputy Sec. Gen. Roger Baiwes, Benguet Provincial Manager Stephen Biray, and Baguio OIC Manager Shalimar Ramirez.

The travel was not only for a Pre-Membership Education Seminar for interested individuals, it was also to meet and greet the existing members wherein most are employed as drivers in the country, and to do a survey and experience the advanced transportation models in Hongkong.

The team experienced to ride the Toyota Alphard MPV Taxi, cable car, vintage boat ride, double decker bus and the railway transit. It was noted that vehicles use euro 5, traffic was light to moderate, a few uses private cars since most people use the public utility vehicles.

The Octopus card was used by the team in making purchases, on their rides and to buy tickets to the Hongkong Disneyland. It is a reusable contactless stored value smart card for making electronic payments in online or offline systems in Hong Kong, the same as the Beep Card used on modernized PUVs in PH.

It was observed that there was no discrimination when it comes to employment. Elderlies can still drive as long as they are medically fit, PWDs are employed, and that discipline is given an utmost importance.

Glaydy Sayucop, CBSTC BOD and Vice Chairwoman for HR mentioned that the Fleet management is excellent, public utility vehicles are well-organized, and drivers well-disciplined, they strictly follow traffic rules and use technology to bridge communication gap.

The CBSTC team’s flight back to Manila was cancelled due to the 6.1 earthquake that hit Zambales and Pampanga on the 22nd, damaging some portions of the Clark International Airport Departure area. This meant they had to stay another day and had their flight rebooked the next day bound to NAIA.

CBSTC is grateful of the warm welcome of CBSTC Hongkong, they are very accommodating and were eager to help in every preparation, including the tour and the extended stay.

The Cordillera Basic Sectors Transport Cooperative is conducting PMES at the La Trinidad Office located at Rm 4, Oras Bldg, Km 5, La Trinidad, Benguet.

Basta CBSTC, Safety!