Trademark moves tow Eustaquio back to contention


Geje “Gravity” Eustaquio relied on the spinning back kick and back fist in facing his little known opponent and the famed trademark strikes of Team Lakay fighters did not fail him as these towed him to a unanimous decision victory over Kim Kyu Sung last May 17, 2019 in Singapore.

The Team Lakay star immediately flashed the trademark move as a spinning kick was delivered in the opening minute although it missed its target. He followed this up with a spinning backfist and another spinning kick with over a minute left in the round which also missed their marks.

It was his low kicks that did damage in the round. At least 15 leg kicks that all found their mark, with one however, landing in the foul area resulting in a momentary lull of the fight. He also threw occasional straights and upper cuts although none did any significant damage.

Kin ended that first round with a kick to the head that Eustaquio parried.

Kim was up on his toes to start the second round press the attack despite a Eustaquio kick but it almost backfired on him as Eustaquio quickly converted it to a takedown attempt.

Eustaquio finally connected a spinning backfist just under a minute into the round to set his attack. Kim managed to connect a leg kick but subsequently fell victim to a flurry of kicks and punches rained by “Gravity”.

Eustaquio then launched another spinning kick that missed its target followed by a spinning backfist that connected and continued to land combinations to Kim’s head to keep the pace up.

Three more spinning back kicks were mixed in the Eustaquio’s recipe of strike hits. A spinning back elbow found its mark in the dying seconds of the second allowed Eustaquio to beautifully close the round.

Kim, probably sensing he’s down on the judges scorecards, upped his attack to start the third but Eustaquio stayed toe-to-toe with his rival, attempt some takedowns and instead won the flurry of exchanges by connecting the crispier hits.

He sneaked another spinning elbow with over 3 minutes left in the bout to keep Kim’s attack at a distance.

Kim made a last ditch stand by targeting the Filipno’s head. He landed a knee to the midsection while holding Eustaquio’s head to start the rally. Eustaquio comes back with a spinning elbow.

Another knee strike to Eustaquio’s breadbasket landed. The taller Kim then let out a yell and proceeded to connect another knee on the chest. Eustaquio counters with a spinning back kick and a spinning back fist.

Kim connects two rights then goes aggressive to follow it up with two left right combinations. Eustaquio fires two lefts that kept Kim at bay.

Another combination and an overhead right by Kim got the crowd pumped up, 45 seconds left. Eustaquio connects a midsection kick and a spinning elbow.

Eustaquio then answers three right connections by Kim with a spinning backfist and slap the onrushing Korean with a takedown and had a mount position control on the mat as the bell sounded to end the fight.

By winning the bout, Eustaquio will replace any ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix semifinalist in the event he compete due to an injury.

Banner Photo by: ONE Championship