Toxic People


Do you know someone who make things complicated, cause conflicts and worst of all, has the most excellent talent and skill in defying  logic? If you do, run away from this person as fast as you can! This individual is classified as a toxic person.

Toxic people come into our lives every now then.  They can negatively affect our performance at work, in school and even at home if we allow them to manage our lives, instead of us controlling them. Dealing with toxic people means teaching to manage our selves first, and recognizing the kinds of toxic people who would come our way.  There are toxic people who:

a.) complain a lot – they prefer us to become miserable like them, so they will feel better

b.) cause conflicts – they gladly feed on our wounded emotions, and push our

emotional buttons, stirring deeply

c.) have irrational behavior – they simply drive us crazy for being nonsense and illogical

d.) encroach creepily into our lives – without us knowing, we found ourselves into their lair

e.) are opinionated and more focused on the problem than the solution – they think of

difficulty, impossibility, and other negative things

f.) cannot forgive – and can´t even forget! They can´t let go, and refuse to move on.

g.) can´t get enough sleep! (for obvious looping nanggigigil reasons)

We all hate toxic people.  Identifying them, and then staying away from them as much as possible will help us become more productive with work or in other aspects of our lives. Try doing the exact OPPOSITE of what is listed above,  if you don´t want to become a toxic person yourself!