TESDA builds culture of teamwork through staff development program


LOAKAN, Baguio City– Building a culture of teamwork should be a priority for government organizations to carry out their mandate, said Engr. Manuel Wong, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) acting regional director on Wednesday.

“Teamwork is an elusive yet critical component of a successful government agency which is built around individuals who work together to achieve a common goal and hold themselves accountable for team output,” he said.

He said that employees deserve to cut some slack once in a while after putting all their efforts in performing their duties.

“The point is for them to have fun, as this builds connections between them in order for them to connect on a personal level,” he said.

Wong said that staff development program encourages cross-departmental interactions, fosters flexibility and responsiveness, especially the ability to respond to change.

“This will solidify our employees and define their roles and responsibilities for a very successful accomplishment,” he said.

“The staff development program promotes the sense of achievement, equity, and camaraderie among our employees since we are a mixture of young, millennial and well experienced individuals.” he said.

GAD-responsive skills training

The teambuilding activities included games, mixed groups, and tasks that require cooperation and support of each employee.

The employees were also able to learn a new skill which is to create a “no-bake cheesecake” during their staff development.

The activity was facilitated by Joshua Lizardo, a tapped trainer in Baguio City School of Arts and Trades (BCSAT), the only TESDA administered school in the region.

The employees were divided into five groups and produced six small cheesecake during the return demo.

It’s more fun in the Philippines

Puerto Galera is a town on the Philippine island of Mindoro. It’s known for its dive sites and beaches. The long curve of White Beach is backed by bars and resort.

TESDA-Cordillera employees were able to visit three islets in Puerto Galera during their two-day activity in the island.

Employees were also able to experience snorkeling, island hopping, and underwater cave tour. By PMTG