Tabuk PNP records two accidents with one death today, Oct. 4


TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The Tabuk City Police Station (CPS) recorded two separate incidents of vehicular traffic accidents with one resulting to death today, October 4, 2020.

At around 8:20 PM at Sitio Bakras, Bulanao, police personnel responded to a call about a vehicular accident regarding a motor cycle and a car.

Initial investigation revealed that the first vehicle was a Honda XRM driven by a certain Roger Gunnawa, male, 30 years old, married, and a farmer with back riders identified as Vivian Gunnawa, female, 18 years old, a housekeeper and a minor, all from Sitio Kasabang, Guilayon, this city while the second vehicle had been identified as a Toyota Vios registered to Cherify Ronquillo with possible passengers, which were identified based on the health declaration found in the car issued by the Municipality of Mallig, Isabela, namely: (driver) Eduardo Bernabe, 32 years old, male; Danica Bernabe, 32 years old, female; Lorence Patricio, 33 years old, female; and Ray Sanches, 31 years old, male, all from San Pedro, Mallig, Isabela.

According to eye witness accounts, the motorcycle riders were headed to Bulanao from Agbannawag while the car was headed the opposite direction when the two vehicles collided.

Based on the testimonies from the witnesses, as well as the positioning and skid marks made by the vehicles, it was found out that the car encroached the lane of the motorcycle resulting to the accident. The motorcycle was thrown around 30 meters towards the shoulder of the road.

The driver as well as the two back riders of the motorcycle sustained injuries and were immediately brought to the Kalinga Provincial Hospital (KPH) by the barangay rescue team. Meanwhile, the driver of the car, fled and left the scene for fear of his life, but surrendered the next day.

Unfortunately, the attending physician pronounced Roger the driver of the motorcycle dead a few minutes after arriving at the hospital.

Both vehicles in question are currently under the custody of the Tabuk CPS.

Meanwhile, another vehicular accident occurred between two motorcycles along the Tabuk-Paracellis National Road.

According to police report, at around 4:30 PM, a Rusi MC driven by a certain Richard Layugan; 44 years old; male; a teacher; and a resident of Purok 6; Bulanao, this city, collided with another motorcycle driven by Felimon Dulyongan; 41 years old; male; a police officer; and a resident of Purok 1, Bulanao, this city.

Initial investigation revealed that while both motorcycles were traversing the highway, Layugan was heading north while Dulyongan was headed east, when the collision occurred.

Both drivers sustained injuries where Layugan sustained abrasions while Dulyongan sustained multiple physical injuries had been transferred to the Almora General Hospital for a CT SCAN.

Both vehicles in question are now under the custody of the Tabuk CPS. By Edward Joseph Gacuya