Tabuk gears up for traffic surveillance system 

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TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The local government of this city is equipping its Information Communication Technology (ICT) office to establish a command center purposely to synchronize traffic and crime monitoring with a city-wide closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera system.

During the airing of the Magandang Tanghali Mayor today, Mayor Darwin C. Estrañero revealed that a dry-run was recently conducted to test the efficiency of the system specially in determining a subject’s facial features, plate numbers and other vital image or video details needed for reports in case there are accidents or crimes that transpired.

He said that a tower is already erected at the third floor of the city hall where the center will also be established. A receiving tower will be placed in Bulanao.

As recalled, the mayor upon his assumption of office highlighted the establishment of a command center as one of his administration’s thrust to efficiently avert crimes and traffic accidents which is now a growing concern in the city.

The ICT he said will manage the center which will feature state of the art real-time monitoring system through the installation of high definition cameras in strategic places around the city.

A computer application using a facial recognition system he said will also be installed to help in solving criminality and apprehend criminals at large.

Tabuk ICT Manager Nathaniel Dalanao said there are at least 36 high definition cameras being installed for the first phase of the project and will be proposing for another 36 for the second phase, to include, as a third phase scheme the installation of a public address system in major thoroughfare that are highly populated to also provide information, warnings or announcements in real time.

According to CCTV and Surveillance Provider Wendell Sanguyo owner of the Webtech Enterprise, cameras could detect any traffic violator or a crime activity as it captures the video footages and images in high resolution which is advantageous on the part of the law enforcers.

Accidents he said could also be averted if certain anomalies in the traffic flow is observed since the person on duty could immediately report to the police for them to take pre-emptive actions or immediately warn the public through the public address system which could be done simultaneously or spot announcement if needed.

In the event of an accident, the person manning the system could also immediately call the help of the city responders.

By Gigi Gacuya