Tabuk farmers enroll to RSBSA – OCAS

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TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The Office of the City Agricultural Services (OCAS) is encouraging all farmers, to include fisher folks, livestock and poultry raisers from this city who are not yet registered in the Registry System for Basic Sector in Agriculture (RSBSA) to enroll in said program.

This is to ensure that the city’s farmers will be able to avail of government agriculture programs considering that the registration in the RSBA is one of the requirements set by the Department of Agriculture in identifying the beneficiaries for their agri- fishery and other related government services which could also be in terms of financial assistance, subsidiary funding and insurance services.

“Amin a pagsayaatan or benefits nga aggapu idyay ngato kas koma iti rice seeds ket ditoy kami nga agbasar. Kitaen mi nu naka- rehistro da idyay system. Ta nu mai- submit mi amin dagidyay nagan on-line idyay RSBSA ket makita nu naka-rehistro da,” Alain Boclongan from the OCAS said.

According to Boclongan, the registration in the RSBSA includes all who are engaged in basic agriculture including fish catchers, fish vendors and backyard livestock raisers.

“Uray nu agkalkalap lang isuna dita karayan ket mabalin latta. Uray fish vendor mabalin met lang. Ta nu kaspagarigan adda maited a sigay wenno tabukol ket isuda iti nangngruna a maka-ala,” he said.

Needed for registration is one Identification picture and ownership document such as certificate of land transfer, emancipation patent, individual certificate of land, ownership award (CLOA) collective CLOA, co- ownership CLOA, agricultural sales patent, homestead patent, free patent, certificate of title or regular title.

They could also present certificate of ancestral domain title, certificate of ancestral land title or tax declaration.

“Umay da latta agpa- register ditoy office iggem da iti I.D picture ken ownership documento tapno maikkan da iti RSBSA enrolment form. Ken adda met iti technician iti per barangay nga mabalin nga isu iti pangitedan da,” Boclongan said.

For those who do not have a farm but are working as farm-hands, they have to present an ID picture and a certificate of tenancy from the barangay.

“Ken uray nu awan pulos iti taltalonem, bangkag or gardennu adda iti livestock mo ket mabalin ka nga ag-register,’ he added.

At present, the office has already recorded 8, 624 registered farmers in the city.

By Mae-Ann Padilla