Tabuk City Vet holds medical missions


The City Veterinary Office is currently conducting a Veterinary Medical Missions in barangays that requested for their complete animal care services.

Dr. Carmen Wanas of the City Vet Office said that this is one strategy to encourage all barangays to avail of the free medical services and prevent the spread of animal diseases in the locality.

Among the services they are providing include anti-rabies vaccination, dog mange treatment, deworming, vitamin provision, castration, anti-hog cholera vaccination, free check-up and animal diseases treatment for all livestocks.

With the changing weather, the city vet office she said had been receiving reports on animal diarrhea either caused by parasitism, and metabolic disorder.

The city vet she said is targeting all 42 barangays but the barangay officials have to make a requests to proper coordination and dissemination will done before the city vet would come to ensure that the public are aware of the activity schedule.

Dr. Wanas is also warning the public against possible cat rabies infection.

Just recently a cat head specimen she said was declared positive by the Regional Animal Diagnostic Laboratory in Tuguegarao City after it was brought for testing by a cat bite victim.

The victim she said is from Casigayan, Tabuk City.

This is the first time that the city vet heard of a cat being infected by rabies so she is warning the public to be cautious about biting cats, Wanas said.

As an immediate response the patient was advised to immediately complete the post exposure treatment for rabies and the city vet also conducted a dog and cat vaccination in the area.

She then encouraged cat owners to have their cats vaccinated to avoid possible occurrence of another cat rabies in the city.

By G G. Dumallig