Suspected drug trafficker jumps off ravine, escapes police

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LUBUAGAN, Kalinga- A suspected of drug trafficker risked his life and jumped off of a ravine to escape law enforcers at Sitio Manangol, Barangay Mabilong, Lubuagan this May 30, 2020.

According to police report, personnel from the PNP situated at the quarantine checkpoint of said barangay flagged down motorcycle rider afternoon of said date. He was identified as Rodelio Banosan based on documents.

While Police Staff Sergeant Prudencio Atas was inquiring about his identity, travel pass and where he was headed, he spotted what looks like marijuana leaves in Banosan’s bag while the later opened it to retrieve his travel pass.

When the police asked about the content of the bag, Banosan, panicked and jumped off the ravine beside the checkpoint.

Landing halfway the ravine, Banosan continues to go downwards until he reached the bottom then fled.

The police tried to pursue him, but the suspect was nowhere to be seen.

Banosan’s backpack was however seized which contained compacted dried marijuana weighing approximately 4.3 kilos, one red and white motorcycle with engine number KRH00E023347 and chassis number KRH000233357, one chainsaw, one pair of boots, one pair of raincoat, two pairs of socks, one power bank, and a shirt.

By Edward Joseph Gacuya