Support to Benguet blended learning implementation eyed

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LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – The Schools Division of Benguet called on kind-hearted individuals and groups to start signifying their intention to be one of the agency’s partners in the successful implementation of the blended learning when regular classes will resume on August 24, 2020.

Schools Division Superintendent Benilda Daytaca said that the agency is now searching for potential sponsors who could provide USB flash drives, 32-64 GB cap, transistor radios and television sets with USB ports to help enrolled learners in coping up with the challenges of the implementation of blended learning in the country’s basic education system.

She disclosed that in the case of the Schools Division of Benguet, the agency was able to formulate its learning continuity operational plan where plans to find ways on how learners will acquire the necessary knowledge and competencies while ensuring their health, safety and well-being as well as the teachers and personnel had been laid out.

Daytaca claimed that the agency had already identified the use of radio and television to supplement the agency’s printed modular teaching learning delivery modality, thus, no internet or cable or radio network connection is needed which will be an added investment.

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The Schools Division Superintendent explained that the audio-based or video-based teaching learning materials can be heard or watched through the aforesaid gadgets by lending or giving the learners USBs containing the learning materials to learners.

According to her, radio or television with USB ports can play the said teaching learning materials where the students can catch up with the blended learning process that will allow them to meet the demands of the blended learning that had been put in place.

Based on the surveys conducted by the education department, Daytaca stated that of the 65,408 enrollees for the upcoming schoolyear, 33,447 prefer printed module learning, thus, the agency developed ready to print self-learning modules that include video-based and audio-based teaching learning materials to supplement the instructions, discussions, explanations and content of the printable learning materials.

She emphasized that the instructional materials will be played using radio or television sets that have USB ports and that the said endeavor is just one way of ensuring that teachers’ presence shall be felt at home by the parents and learners.

However, Daytaca stipulated that the result of the agency’s data gathering on parent capacity brought to their attention that not all the families of the learners have radio or television sets because 20,969 have no radio and 13,374 have no television sets.

“We appeal to your kind heartedness and altruism to provide us with the needed items and materials for us to be able to reach out to the learners and ensure the successful implementation of blended learning in the province,” Daytaca stressed.

The education official asserted that the provision of the USBs, radio and television sets with USB ports will be very crucial in the conveyance of the learning delivery modes as provided under the learning continuity plan of the agency for the new normal system of education which was also embraced and contextualized through the province’s learning continuity operational plan.

Daytaca expressed optimism that the positive response of the kind-hearted individuals and groups to the aforesaid appeal will play a pivotal role in the agency’s efforts to ensure that education will go on and that no Benguet learner will be left behind once the new normal mode of learning will be implemented.

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