Site development plan for Baguio Dairy Farm property readied

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City planners recently presented to the city government’s management committee the proposed site development plan of the over 10-hectare property within the Baguio Dairy Farm that was ceded to the city by the agriculture department to host some of the high impact development projects geared towards decongesting the central business district.

City Planning and Development Officer Arch. Donna R. Tabangin informed city officials that incorporated in the overall master development plan of this area will be the proposed transport terminal that will cater to south-bound public transportation, the modernized abattoir and the existing temporary waste transfer station.

She claimed that to allow the opposing sites in the area to co-exist, buffer forests will be established between the transfer station and the abattoir, between the abattoir and the integrated terminal, and between the transfer station and the integrated terminal.

Aside from the buffer forests within the property, Tabangin said that each of the proposed development projects will be provided with distinct infrastructures.

Earlier, Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong directed the City Planning and Development Office to prepare a comprehensive master development plan of this ceded area from the agriculture department to delineate the areas for some of the city’s priority development projects such as the proposed put up of an integrated terminal and the relocation of the city’s modern abattoir.

For his part, City Administrator Bonifacio dela Peña pointed out that pointed out that for the integrated terminal and the modernized abattoir as contained in the development plan, whatever will be agreed on by the city officials will be the ones that will be offered to the proponents of these two projects.

He explained that the prevailing conditions will be incorporated in the terms of reference for the city’s public partnership projects that will be offered to interested proponents to allow them to adjust their proposals since an integral part of the plan is the presence of the waste transfer station whose location was approved by the environment department as there is no available area in the city where the same will be relocated.

He disclosed that there is already a proponent for the proposed integrated terminal that submitted its proposal which included the area occupied by the waste transfer station and the proposed site of the modernized abattoir, thus, the need to provide the approved comprehensive master development plan and site development plan of the property to proponents so that appropriate adjustments can be done by proponents in their future proposals once the proposed projects will be offered through the public private partnership.

Initially, the agriculture department ceded to the local government some 8.1 hectares that is located within the Baguio Dairy Farm purposely for the city’s proposed development projects during the previous administration of former Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan before the same was expanded to some 10.2 hectares upon the representation of Mayor Magalong. By Dexter A. See