Simple yet meaningful Aguid (Sagada) Day held

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Barangay Aguid in Sagada, Mountain Province celebrated its 47th Foundation Day on February12  to commemorate its separation from Barangay Pide in 1968.

“Continue upholding unity, love, and hope for everyone in the community,” said Barangay Captain Domingo Kelly.

The celebration started with an ecumenical service led by the catholic church in the community.

The festivity showcased different talents from different sectors of the community. Amidst the Igorot Country Song, Sisiwit were performed by groups of senior citizens, young ladies, and mothers through their energetic dance.

The community and visitors alike were awed by the chorale performance of pre-school children as they sing a soulful rendition of the song titled, “Agyaman kami” and dance with the music “Tatlong bibi”.

Parents of the children proudly watched their children’s performance. Most of the mothers keep on taking pictures and video of their children. One of the mothers said they had been practicing the performance for days and her child were very excited to dance.

Further, the Philippine Army also serenaded the crowd with a love song entitled, “Ti Panabyag Mi a Suldado”. Fr. Marcs Castañeda played his guitar and he sings his own composition titled, “Sagada”. Other visitors also graced the audience with a performance.

On the other hand, Kag. Simeona Gonsoden shared the brief history of Aguid. “Aguid started to celebrate its first Foundation Day on February 12, 1973 after a resolution passed by the Municipality of Sagada on April 15, 1968 which was approved in May of the same year separating Aguid to Pide.”

“We work together as a community, then as a community we see other communities who are struggling and we help them rise,” challenged Sagada Mayor James B. Pooten Jr. through Gina Tambiac, secretary of the mayor.

The community also enjoyed their abundant lunch which the elders prepared for everyone. The community prepared native delicacies such as pinikpikan with etag, red rice, and pancit.

Sim, one of the local residents said, “I am very happy though the food is simple we still eat together as a community.”

Generally, Simeona expressed that the community were very happy to celebrate its founding anniversary and she is looking forward for more blessings from Kabunian to shower upon Aguid.

By Jackson L. Claudio