Second overpass inaugurated in Kalinga Province    

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TABUK CITY, Kalinga– The Department of Public Works and Highways – Lower Kalinga Engineering District (DPWH-LKED) formally inaugurated the second overpass in the province which is located along the Kalinga-Cagayan road to ensure the safety of pedestrians passing through the said road.

DPWH-LKED officer-in-charge Engr. Ruby Uyam stated that the newly completed overpass was built in anticipation to the expected congestion in the area as the development of the city has been enormous over the past several years, thus, there should be available structures like the overpass to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists.

In July 2019, the first overpass in the province was inaugurated during the celebration of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) founding anniversary that was hosted by Kalinga.

She claimed that there had been numerous issues that were raised by the concerned sectors against the put up of the overpass but the agency was able to hurdle the same and push through with the construction of the structure for the safety of pedestrians and motorists in the area.

The DPWH-LKED official pointed out that the critics of the project will be able to see and experience the importance of the overpass once there will be increased volume of vehicles and pedestrians passing along the roadline.

According to her, the agency will continue to plan for the future of the province in terms of infrastructure development because Tabuk City is being groomed as the future regional center of the Cordillera, thus, the need to put in place appropriate infrastructures that will effectively and efficiently address congestions problems once development will flourish in the province in the coming years.

Uyam stipulated that development in Tabuk City and nearby areas is inevitable that is why the local government and concerned government agencies were able to earlier plan the existing road networks to cater to the projected increase in the volume of vehicles and people moving around in the future.

She expressed her gratitude to the concerned sectors in the city and the province who assisted the agency in informing and educating the residents on the importance of the said infrastructure projects being implemented within its areas of jurisdiction as they are geared towards preparing for the future to avoid the problems being currently encountered by other urban areas due to alleged lack of planning.

Based on the regional development plan as approved by the Regional Development Council (RDC) in the Cordillera, Tabuk City is being groomed as the future regional center of the region as it will be bolstered by the proposed establishment of the Eastern Kalinga growth area to cater to the future needs of businesses that will be put up in the area.

Tabuk is considered to be the third largest city in the country because of the wide tracks of land which re potential areas that will be developed into possible commercial and industrial areas that will help spur economic growth not only in the city but also in the whole province. By HENT