Salda slams discrimination of health workers

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LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – The municipal government strongly denounced the alleged discrimination of personnel of the municipal health office who were in complete personal protective equipment (PPE) and visiting the town’s 16 barangays for their contact tracing activities and information education campaign against the dreaded Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-1)9.

Mayor Romeo K. Salda disclosed the municipal government had been receiving numerous reports on the alleged discrimination of health workers by no less than residents in the different barangays that they have visited to perform their assigned duties and responsibilities in preventing the rapid spread of the deadly virus in the municipality.

“We appeal to our constituents not to discriminate our health workers in full personal protective equipment who are visiting the barangays to conduct contact tracing and information education campaign to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Our health workers who are sacrificing their time, effort and resources do not deserve to be discriminated. We have to accord them the utmost respect and cooperation,” Mayor Salda stressed.

He pointed out that people should understand that the health workers and frontliners are exposing themselves to extreme risk of contracting the deadly virus in the performance of their duties and responsibilities but they are doing the same to ensure that the people in the municipality will be spared from the wrath of the global pandemic that had heavily impacted the local economy, employment opportunities and sources of livelihood of the people.

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According to him, instead of discriminating the health workers who are constantly doing the rounds in the different barangays, residents should give them inspiring words and motivate them to continue performing their duties and responsibilities amidst the risk that they are facing because they are working hard to have lives and ensure the health and safety of the populace.

Mayor Salda admitted that he was saddened upon receiving the reports on the discrimination experienced by the health workers and other frontliners who had been visiting the different barangays because they do not deserve the aforesaid treatment for the sacrifices that they are doing just to ensure that community transmission of the deadly virus will be prevented.

He called on health workers and frontliners not to be discouraged and disappointed when encountering individuals that discriminate them but instead shrug the same off and continue their assigned duties and responsibilities that are beneficial to the greater majority of the populace, especially when the health and safety of the people is at stake.

The local chief executive asserted that frontliners who are going to the different barangays are in complete PPE because of the extreme risk posed by their possible contraction of the virus or transmission of the same that will compromise the status of the town’s municipal health care facilities.

He stated the municipal government does not want to file the necessary charges against those who have discriminated and those that continue to discriminate the health workers and frontliners because local officials understand the prevailing situation but residents should also learn to respect the sacrifices that people are doing for the sake of the health and safety of the majority of the populace.

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