Salda calls for sobriety amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

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LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Mayor Romeo K. Salda called on residents to be sober and calm in dealing with the serious negative effects of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic for them to be able to survive the difficult battle end route to recovery.

“I understand the suffering that you may be experiencing right now; hopelessness, quarantine fatigue, confusion, anxiety, isolation or an inexplicable sense of doom and despair. But in experiencing these, remember that you are not alone. Everyone does and it is okay,” Mayor Salda stressed in a statement released on social media recently.

The local chief executive pointed out that the brighter side of being human is that people are capable of being and doing much, much more, thus, admits the daily struggles to fight the ongoing pandemic, people should not lose hope, never lose hose, more so, never, ever take your own life.

In his message to the youth and children, he claimed that when they feel like the world’s uncool, everything uncool, their days uncool, remember that the world does not end with a heartache or a frustrating friend or a lousy grade.

He asserted that people should believe that a day of profound love, laughter and a diploma will soon come since it always surely does.

According to him, people should remember their dreams and why they are worth waking up for, loving for every minute of the day bad times there will be but so will good times and the more the youngsters grow, they will soon see how each experience actually nourishes them, strengthens them to be the best of who they are.

He urged the residents to keep the faith as they will have so much ahead of them and that they are filled with so much promise and are capable of so much goodness and that they are also loved and that they always matter and their opinions matter, their feelings matter, thus, they must share them.

He emphasized that the parents, teachers, friends, pastors, priests or counsellors will always be there for the youngsters and always, there will be an ear willing to listen, a hand willing to help, a friend who will laugh even at their corniest jokes, thus, they must hang in there and everything will be alright for them.

Salda reminded community members to check in on someone, especially the young ones they may be concerned about, listen to what they have to say, how they say it and show them kindness and support, drown the noise of stigma and spread the message of love instead.

He revealed that people should not allow the present circumstance to dim the prospects of a better tomorrow, a brighter tomorrow for one day it will surely come.

He reiterated his appeal to the La Trinidad community to be one supportive community, a burden shared is made lighter by each hand willing to carry that weight and that they should join hands for the moment in carrying that weight in their shared pursuit to heal us one.

Salda issued the statement following reports on the occurrence of suicide incidents involving a number of youths because of alleged stress in dealing with their modules under the present blending set up of learning in the country’s education system that was heavily impacted by the ongoing pandemic. By HENT