Riders of Tabuk City took their oath as ambassadors of road safety

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TABUK CITY – Over One hundred (100) members of the Full Spectrum Riders Association of the Philippines (FSRAP) Kalinga Chapter, led by Mr. Moises Baisa Jr., took their joint commitment oath as Guardians/Volunteer Force Multiplier to ensure road safety and security on all roads at the Astrodome on March 27, 2021 with PMaj. Robert Dumallay of the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) leading the oathtaking ceremony.

Riders from the different groups and organizations in Tabuk City and the province of Kalinga joined together to form the FSRAP to support and assist the HPG on their mutual advocacy to ensure and promote road safety on all roads in the city and the other municipalities of the Province.

According to Mr. Baisa, Jr., President of FSRAP Kalinga, they will become the ambassadors of road safety and will be conducting information, dissemination and education campaign to motorists, will assist the HPG in policing the roads and reporting accidents and other road problems and help with rescue operations.

PMaj. Dumallay said the riders are the best people to tap in this advocacy as they are on the road often, have direct contact with the HPG, and can help/assist in road mishaps or accidents.

Moreover, he said, all riders, whether members of FSRAP or solo riders, should undergo proper road safety trainings to make sure they know and understand traffic rules and regulations and abide by them.

Baisa also said that it is the vision of FSRAP to reach out to all motorists of any type of vehicles to educate, teach them to be responsible, disciplined and vigilant road users.

Aside from being ambassadors of road safety, FSRAP also advocates community service, environmental Protection and volunteerism.

Mayor Darwin C. Estrañero, in his message through Aurora Amilig, City Information Officer, extended his congratulations to the members of FSRAP Kalinga and the HPG for their joint commitment oath taking.

He said the event is timely as Tabuk City needs partners like them to address the very alarming problem of vehicular traffic accidents happening almost daily on the city’s major thoroughfares.

The mayor, in his message,  further stated the group’s advocacy to promote road safety and help educate the motorists and riding public is a much welcome help as the newly created Tabuk City Traffic Management Council (TCTMC) is now crafting a Traffic Management Plan that will hopefully address the problems on the city’s roads.

“The safety of our people is our shared responsibility. This advocacy may be tough at first but it is not an impossible task. With the help of your group we can attain much safer roads for our children and our people.”

Stickers of FSRAP were placed on the motorcycles of each member to identify them.

Mayor Estrañero will be meeting with the joint team of the HPG and FSRAP this week to discuss ways and means of promoting and ensuring road safety on Tabuk City’s roads.