Revamp Your Passion


Have you ever come to a point when you seem to have lost your passion? Have you come to times when you just wanted to give up or just sit there and wait for whatever will come up? Well, I have been through those moments and it’s difficult.

This happens when you seem to have consumed the fuel that keeps you going. You had it before but now it’s gone. But you want to do something, right? You want to accomplish your goals and actualize your visions.

How then shall we continue on when our passion seem to have vanished? Let me suggest three things we can do to revamp our passion:

First, rest. Often times, we are just physically exhausted and when there is something wrong with our physiology, our psychology is disturbed. We need to rest. Take sufficient sleep. Take power naps during the day if you can.

The body needs to recharge. Just like with a computer, even if the software is fantastic if the hardware is obsolete, it won’t go together and it won’t function as desired. You know this. If you haven’t been sleeping when you are supposed to be sleeping, you can feel that you are losing the ability to focus, to think critically and creatively; hence, you lose your sense of sound judgment and productivity.

Thus, if you have been going on and on with your tasks for the past days, check – you might have been losing hours of sleep. It’s time to recharge. Rest.

Second, recast. If we are losing the charge that we use to have, maybe it’s because we have forgotten why we are doing what we are doing. Maybe it’s time to revisit our goals and visions, and recast them once again. Maybe, it’s written somewhere and we need to read them again to be reminded of our aspirations. And perhaps, from those aspirations, we can take some inspiration that will help us to go on.

Another way to recast is to visualize that which you want to do, have or become. Imagine the state when you already are doing what you want to be doing. Imagine the moment when you already have that thing that you want to achieve. Imagine the transformed person that you want to become.

Taking the visualization to a higher level (which I learned from Brendon Burchard), you are to visualize yourself doing the first steps you need to take, then visualize those times when things get messy and difficult – those times when you just want to give up – and go on to visualize yourself moving forward despite the toughness of the moment and see yourself overcoming those challenges and pushing on until you reach that destination you first had in your vision.

Pause for a while and recast your vision.

Third, rock!  This means, we need to take the time to celebrate!

Often times, we forget to stop a bit to celebrate milestones that are bringing us closer to our aspirations. When we achieve certain goals, we immediately set our eyes on to the next goal but we forget to also give credit to ourselves and celebrate that which we have just accomplished.

I realized that celebrating our accomplishments gives more meaning to the efforts being exerted and also gives more push for us to go forward and take on the next goal. It doesn’t have to be a grand celebration. I believe that simple and small gestures of celebration can be felt greatly. If you can afford big celebrations, then so be it – have it. Just don’t forget the essence of why you are celebrating.

Three simple things: rest, recast, and rock!

I pray that you and I will be able to revamp our passion so that we will go forward to do, to have, and to become the things and the persons we are aspiring for.

Times will be tough. Energy will be consumed. Hard work has to be exerted. But we hope that as we go through these, one day we will be able to celebrate!   


(Chris Dao-anis/CPA, as an author and speaker, helps aspiring and young professionals become better communicators and leaders. His first book ‘The Gift of the Ordinary’ is available at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City and in Central Bookstores (Cebu and Metro Manila). For seminars and resources, visit or email