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I have been reflecting lately on what does this Holy Week do to my life in my desperate attempt to become a better person. I was entertaining about this thought for quite some time now. Have I been a good husband?, a good father?, a good friend?, a good servant? As I grow old, those were the questions that have occupied my thoughts as I spend time in quiet contemplation. Chances are, if these things comes around bothering me, I might not be living up to other people’s expectations.

I guess, this is a significant reason to really need to take some time off from this busy, chaotic and turbulent times we are in and just do some life inspection, like what we do to our cars, or any other machine, to make sure they are running smoothly. We might need to look inside what garbage has accumulated or find out if there are misaligned priorities that needs cleaning, repair or redirection. We might take advantage of a long weekend like this for that purpose.

This Sunday is resurrection day. The entire Christendom believed Christ rose from the dead and is now alive through a divine power that Satan himself hadn’t anticipated. The Christian faith hang on that very fact. Because of that belief, there is hope for a better life in the afterlife or even in this life.

Relative to that, there are aspects in our lives that need to be resurrected because death occurred due to neglect through the passing of time. Maybe our love for God has gone lukewarm, gone cold or worse, we forgot to talk to the man upstairs already. Maybe there is death in our relationship with our relatives or friends due to hate, animosity, or resentment.

When we get busy making a living, trying to put food on the table or trying to get to the top that we neglect some some of the important and essential things in life that matter most. We get stressed, we burn out, we get exhausted and easily irritated. Then we offend people, alienating them until relationships break down. Those are the kinds of death that we go through.

It took three days for Jesus Christ to resurrect. Perhaps we need the same amount of time to reconcile with God, with our relatives or friends so that good relationships will come back to life. At this stage of our lives, we need peace and harmony more than ever. As they say, life is too short to be spending it on unforgiveness and hate. Therefore, let us endeavor to resurrect the dead things in our lives, let us correct our mistakes, let us repair broken connections and make peace with our maker and to other people.

The resurrection happened for the salvation of mankind. Because it happened, it is also possible that there will be salvation of broken relationships, salvation from a hopeless life, and salvation from death itself.