Refurbished hospital building inaugurated


BONTOC, Mountain Province – A spacious workplace will surely boost the satisfaction among patients and the performance of employees after the inauguration of the newly refurbished building of the Bontoc General Hospital (BoGH) last April 24, 2018.

The renovation of the building that houses the emergency room, pharmacy and billing section was funded by the Department of Health (DOH) with an amount of 14.7M pesos and was implemented by the Department of Works and Highways (DPWH).

Dr. Lakshmi Legaspi, DOH-CAR Regional Director graced the inauguration as well as the turnover ceremony of the building to the Bontoc General Hospital.

She remarked that the completion of the emergency room is a joint undertaking between the DOH-CAR and the Provincial Government of Mountain Province.

“This signifies a strong manifestation of the desire of the Philippine Government and the Provincial Government of Mountain Province to provide quality health services to the communities, particularly in this part of the Cordillera,” Dr. Legaspi said.

She said that this is in line with the program of the DOH under the leadership of Sec. Francisco T. Duque in F1+ strategic framework that aims to make health systems be more responsive to the health needs of the Filipinos especially the poor.

“Part of strengthening of Service Delivery Network is the upgrading of the health facilities, provision of equipment, deployment of Human Resources for Health and delivering health services to identified population group who have difficulty in accessing health services,” Dr. Legaspi remarked.

She further stated that BoGH as a level 1 hospital is expected to deliver appropriate type of services, such as curative, rehabilitative including diagnostic services. She urged the hospital officials and personnel to provide services that are sensitive to gender, culture and the disadvantaged, especially the poor, marginalized and the vulnerable groups.

For calendar year 2018, DOH-CAR has allocated funds for Health Facilities Enhancement Program (HFEP) infra projects for hospitals which are under the management, control and supervision of the Provincial Government.

For BoGH, Chief of Hospital, Dr. Tannao S. Kanongkong revealed that DOH-CAR will hand over a 2.2M peso worth of medical assistance, medical equipment worth 7.4M pesos and additional 8 dialysis machines. She also added that with the turnover of the newly renovated emergency room to the BoGH, the DOH will implement another 5.6M peso amount for the extension of the emergency room this year.

Governor Bonifacio C. Lacwasan, Jr., thanked the DOH-CAR for funding the renovation of the building and the DPWH Mountain Province Office for administering and supervising the project. He also acknowledged the importance of a spacious space in enhancing the working condition in the hospital.

“The immediate environment in a workplace has effect on the performance of employees. The more spacious the workplace is, the more efficient the employees will be in discharging their responsibilities,” Lacwasan said.

The governor also assured that with the recommendation of the hospital officials, the Provincial Government will allot an amount for its security and maintenance. He also guaranteed the Provincial Government’s cooperation in future endeavors with DOH in jointly addressing the health concerns of the province.

Moreover, Dr. Kanongkong thanked the DOH-CAR for pouring their resources to upgrade the health facilities in Mountain Province. She also expressed her gratitude to the provincial and local leaders and stakeholders for their support and desire in the improvement and modernization of the facilities of the BoGH.

“It is also proper to recognize the valued deeds and contributions of our stakeholders, beneficiaries and folks for whose patronage of our hospital had inspired and gave us strength to carry out our duties and responsibilities,” she said.

By Erwin S. Batnag