Irrefutable biblical realities proves its contents are still applicable today


Firstly, great emphasis is given that the contents of this series are intended to give Biblical information and insights on some of its contents. They are not intended to scare or offend anyone. It is one’s prerogative to read and never be shoved into one’s throat.

This piece is a simple sharing of bible passages. It doesn’t endorse any form of faith, religion, denomination, congregation or system of beliefs. It is not also preaching any kind of theology.

It is in the “exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference” as provided by The Philippine Constitution that this article was made.

If you find them scary, intimidating or offensive, please feel free to take them with a grain of salt and regard them like a badly written movie script.

This series would like to give proofs that there are biblical realities supported by science that could not be cleanly disproved. Their presence prove this book is not outdated and its contents, when taken in the right context, are still applicable to this day.

Biblical realities are clearly observed and science couldn’t dispute them

One point for biblical reliability is while many doubt the truths of some biblical stories, doubters could not come up with a counter argument that would totally disproved the bible’s accounts.

The examples in this series are realities are supported by scientific data.

These realities were said hundreds of years ago. With the great advantage that modern science has these days, it could not come up with explanations, arguments, or alternatives that would completely bury these biblical realities.

It is this inability to present realistic alternatives to the bible’s accounts that lends lots of credibility to the suggestion that the bible is still applicable to this day in the right context.

No being or process could introduce life as good as the bible says God did

It is a scientific fact that life and living things have an origin. It is the how that is being disputed.

In the case of man, the bible was specific about how he became into existence. Here’s the bible’s account how God did this:

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” Genesis 2:7 English Standard Version (ESV)

The fact that the dead would eventually return to dust gives credence to God’s process, although this doesn’t really hold much water in arguments as this would be clearly observable by Moses during the time he wrote Genesis.

This process has been the subject of debates for a long, long time, yet nobody was able to come up with a clean account of how the first living human came about except the bible.

Trust in the bible and faith in God will easily erode if science could produce evidence of how the first human, plant and animal life came into existence in the same perfection as how a male and female reproduce an offspring.

So while many would raise an eyebrow on the biblical account of how life started on earth, no proof surfaced to the contrary that it is literally impossible for life to emanate from a non-living object.

The first living being must have been caused by somebody with higher capabilities than a normal man or animal. The only logical conclusion is a being with supernatural powers equivalent to the God mentioned in the bible is able to accomplish this feat.

Further, it’s difficult to imagine how one’s emotions like love, anger, and freewill as well as decision-making be developed from any science invention.

A natural born man starts from scratch as a baby, then exhibits the ability to acquire knowledge, emotions, and decide on things as he/she grows.

It is doubtful a robot can undergo these process after it’s created. Robots and artificial intelligence made from non-living objects could not possess a complete set of these traits without getting instructions from its human maker or operator.

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Failure to cure some diseases, stop aging, a reality from the bible

Science does not dispute that death will surely come for every living being.

Thing is, this reality is against the wishes of all men. If they had their way, men and women would love to acquire the ability to live a long life while being healthy.

This desire, along with the incredible advances in science, should have acquired the ability to stop, or even just delay, the aging process and cure all diseases.

That has yet to happen. While cure for thousands of illness were found, there are some that still have no cure. Some diseases still causes some humans to loss their lives early while aging causes them to enjoy living only up to a certain range.

The bible is clear on this aspect. Aging and diseases are here to stay because every human is destined to die one day and it is only in Christ that they expect to live again. Here’s what the bible says:

For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive.” 1 Corinthians 15:22, New King James Version.

It is another reality that couldn’t be disproved.

In addition to stopping aging and diseases, the desire to stop death has been the obsession for many since time immemorial. The quest for the so called fountain of youth has been a life-long pursuit by some rich persons. All of these pursuits have seemingly failed miserably.

Trust in the bible and faith in God will easily erode if science could extend one’s lifespan indefinitely.

That hasn’t happened yet

While modern science came up with cloning, the clone still did not live long. Sure, cloning could not really advance because it was declared illegal to practice.

However, it is still very clear that there is inability to transfer the thoughts and memories of a human being to a clone in order for one to virtually live forever. This still means there is an end to one’s existence because the clone has to start all over again from scratch.

Unless one is able to retain his thoughts or memories after death, the cloning process is really far from stopping death.

Science could not mass produce oxygen to expand the habitat.

Speaking in baseball terminology, producing life or stopping death is actually an ambitious homerun for science. It is doubtful science could even get on base regarding this aspect.

Duplicating human life or stopping death should be the last thing science worry about. How about just trying to bring human life permanently out of the earth to expand the habitat area?

Here’s what the bible says about making earth habitable:

For thus says the Lord, Who created the heavens, Who is God, Who formed the earth and made it, Who has established it, Who did not create it in vain, Who formed it to be inhabited: ‘I am the Lord, and there is no other.’” Isaiah 45:18, New King James Version

The bible never mentions of any habitat for man except earth.

Science agrees, the earth is a perfect habitat for man’s qualities and characteristics. As it sits today, science agrees that no man-like being can live on Mars or Venus, earth’s nearest neighbor planet.  The same goes on the earth’s own moon.

Trust in the bible and faith in God will easily erode if science could make life possible on a heavenly body outside of earth.

Many would likely sign up for permanent residence on the moon if somebody can figure out a process that would mass produce oxygen without plants so man can live there or on another planet as well.

Mimicking the oxygen-carbondioxide cycle on the moon is an idea that is still miles and miles away from becoming a reality.

By Armando M. Bolislis

If you are inspired and want to give Jesus a try, go on a deeper search of the bible, especially the New Testament. This will show you how to become his disciple. Always ask the Holy spirit for guidance in your search.

If you feel the want to belong to a Christian church or organization, find one that will help you improve your relationship with Christ and lead you to his eternal promises.

The opinions and suggestions contained in this article are solely of the author and doesn’t necessarily reflect the stance of Baguio Herald Express management and staff.