Pugo offers ecotourist destinations for nature lovers


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PUGO, La Union  – The fast growing fifth-class town is now aggressively promoting its existing clean rivers, world class resorts and other ecotourism destinations for an increasing number of visitors to help spur economic growth in the scenic sites and make the town benefit from the influx of visitors to Baguio city, the country’s undisputed Summer Capital.

Pugo served as the venue for the 2019 Search for Lucky Summer Visitor, an annual tourism promotion program spearheaded by the Baguio Correspondents and Broadcasters Club (BCBC) and the local government of Baguio city, with the other local governments nearby, provides first time visitors to the city a 4-day red carpet treatment.

Mayor Priscila M. Martin said one of the popular tourist destinations in the locality is the Tapuacan River which was twice adjudged the cleanest inland body of water in the province and a regional awardee for the same category in the Ilocos Region.

The local chief executive claimed the municipal government earned P2.2 million from the said contest the proceeds of which was used to put up the comfort rooms and other required amenities in the tourist destination so that cleanliness and orderliness in the area will be observed by tourists wanting to enjoy the scenery offered by the river system.

“We are optimistic that as one of the gateways to Baguio city, Pugo will get a share from the visitors that go to and come from the city for them to see for themselves alternative tourist destinations we offer,” Mayor Martin stressed.

Aside from the Pugo Adventure (PUGAD) and Kultura, two of the world class resorts in the municipality, Pugo is also offers nature lovers its existing mushroom production area that produces multi-colored mushrooms pleasing to the eyes of the people.

According to her, the aggressive desire of the present administration to make a difference in the lives of the people of Pugo is now gaining headway considering the ability of the municipal government to make the necessary representations with concerned government agencies to include the town as one of the beneficiaries of their priority programs and projects to help improve the overall situation in their place.

Mayor Martin claimed that the gains of Pugo in terms of its development was due to the unity, teamwork and cooperation of local officials and the community in changing the image of the municipality as a sleepy town to one of the fastest developing municipalities not only in La Union but also in the entire Ilocos Region, considering its proximity to Baguio city and Benguet which are must-see destinations in the north.

She assured the local government’s support to the tourism promotion program so that the municipality can reap the fruits of its being promoted as an ecotourism destination and that the area will serve as the annual venue for the search for lucky summer visitors considering the availability of sufficient spaces where motor vehicles and people could converge.

The annual search for lucky visitors in Baguio city is being done by members of the media to help sustain the identity of Baguio city as one of the prime tourist destinations in the country.