Public urged to practice safety protocols in own homes, living quarters to prevent COVID-19 outbreak

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Mayor Benjamin Magalong reminded the public to practice safety protocols in their own homes and living quarters to prevent Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreaks or clustering of cases.

This after the analytics section of the Contact Tracing Operations Center showed that case clustering had become common not only in households but also in barracks and dormitories serving as living quarters for workers.

In the past months, the city saw outbreaks of the disease in households in different barangays and lately, case bundling occurred among security guards, policemen and trainees, construction workers, miners and workers in a mall and certain restaurants who were staying in common living areas.

The mayor said it is a must that homes and living quarters observe their own health measures for the safety of all household members.

Mischelle Junio, data analyst of the contact tracing team who herself was a COVID-19 survivor gave specific tips:

*Before entering homes or living quarters, wash hands, disinfect and change your clothes.

*As much as possible maintain distance from one another.  Sleeping and eating arrangements must be reviewed and altered if possible to allow distancing.

*High risk family members (those regularly going out for work) must avoid sharing utensils with other family members and avoid intimate gestures like kissing children.

*Minimize social gatherings and drinking sprees where sharing of common drinking glass and food or pulutan is practiced;

*Regularly disinfect door knobs and frequently touched surfaces and keep windows open to aerate or allow ventilation in homes.

*Thoroughly cleanse and disinfect items and containers bought outside.

*Monitor each other for COVID-related symptoms and do self-quarantine or isolation when in doubt.

*Adopt a healthy lifestyle to boost your immune system by eating healthy, well-balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, taking vitamin supplements, taking maintenance medicines regularly for those with comorbidities, getting enough rest and sleep and exercising regularly.

*Find safe ways to unwind safely.

*Meditate and pray.  – Aileen P. Refuerzo/PIO Baguio