Private construction in Cordillera valued at P3.3B


BAGUIO CITY – The Cordillera office of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA-CAR reported there were 1,202 new private constructions in the different parts of the region which had a total area of 300,066 square meters worth P3.3 billion last year.

Based on data obtained from the PSA-CAR, there were 938 new buildings for dwelling purposes comprising 77.8 percent of the total private building constructions in the region last year and the said constructions had a total value of P2 billion with a total floor area of 198,224 square meters.

The PSA-CAR stated new non-residential buildings shared 13 percent of the new building constructions and additions to existing buildings made up 1.2 percent of private constructions while alterations and repairs comprise 7.6 percent of the constructions last year.

On quarterly basis, the PSA-CAR added the number of new building constructions were approved in the months of April, May and June comprising 29.1 percent of the total private constructions approved last year while constructions in the months of October, November and December had the largest floor area and the highest value of new buildings.

On the other hand, buildings constructions in Benguet with a total of 870 units built amounted to P2.9 billion with a total area of 246,920 square meters while Apayao followed with 179 units valued at P85 million with a total floor area of 12,673 square meters.

Moreover, the PSA-CAR noted that multiple-occupancy houses continues to boom in Baguio city and Benguet areas wherein out of the total residential building constructions in the region, 867 units were designed for single occupancy which was valued at P1.6 billion with combined area of 1555,370 square meters while about 7 out of 10 single houses were built in Benguet and Baguio City with a total floor area of 128,058 square meters.

The PSA-CAR cited an additional 15 units of duplex or guard duplex were constructed in Baguio city and Benguet with a total area of 2,820 square meters valued at P30.8 million while a total of 50 new apartment or accessorial units were also installed with an area of 34,890 square meters valued at P289.5 million.

The PSA claimed total approved construction of condominium was valued at P38.6 million with an estimated area of 4,030 square meters.

One unit each of apartment-type residence were approved in Abra and Kalinga valued at P3.8 million and P4.3 million, respectively.

The PSA-CAR asserted non-residential building constructions valued at P165.3 million which was composed of 157 non-residential units approved for construction last year with an estimated cost of P1.2 billion and combined areas of 97,242 square meters.

The PSA-CAR explained non-residential constructions covered new constructions of commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural buildings and other non-residential types.

New commercial buildings shared 58 percent of the total no-residential constructions while new institutional buildings shared 31.8 percent and Benguet had the most number of non-residential buildings approved for construction last year with 85 units or 54.1 percent.