Presence of spirits prove God and the bible

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Firstly, great emphasis is given that the contents of this series are intended to give Biblical information and insights on some of its contents. They are not intended to scare or offend anyone. It is one’s prerogative to read and never be shoved into one’s throat.

It is in the “exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference” as provided by The Philippine Constitution that this article was made.

If you find them scary, intimidating or offensive, please feel free to take them with a grain of salt and regard them like a badly written movie script.

This series would like to give proofs that don’t rely on bible contents to prove the book’s veracity and that it is not outdated.

Supernatural incidents induces doubts on other biblical claims

While Christians and believers of God and Jesus made the bible a foundation of their faith, many others could not get themselves to appreciate it and its contents because they see supernatural.

If the Bible indeed tells stories that is fantasy and are only conceived in the mind, then it’s hard to trust it or view it as reliable.

The bible can be trusted, be relied on, and God is real.

The bible is straightforward and clear on it’s general message: the main theme of the book is the battle between God and Satan, good versus evil, and man getting on God’s side of things. It is a book that tells of a powerful and loving God going up against another powerful adversary. It is not a science or history book. Many tend to forget this.

This series attempts to show evidences aside from the bible itself that suggest it is talking of real things and the God it is preaching is real.

These evidences will put light upon things written or claimed in this book that could not be refuted under conditions when it was written and today.

This piece will rely on the presence spiritual world on earth to prove why God exists, the bible is speaking of facts and why it’s better to believe in Him:

Presence of spirits and spiritual realm

This is the “make or break” part for the bible. If it can be categorically proven that the supernatural realm does not exist, the bible contents and ideas about God, or any other supernatural beings that are subjects of human worship for that matter, are all going down the drain.

However, that has yet to happen as there are just too many instances that prove without a shadow of a doubt that beings and events that could not be explained by nature and science indeed exists, as evidenced by numerous reports and documented cases of manifestations of the spiritual world.

They are just difficult to prove as many of these are experienced at a personal level and not normally occurring during the gathering of a large crowd.

The spiritual realm’s popularity in several cultures and traditions around the world and the sheer volume of recorded and reported incidence are more than enough to cast doubt in the outright denial of their existence.

Just consider various manifestations of these beings and incidents through the volumes of reports and videos of unexplained “miracles”, haunted house incidents, magicians, human beings possessed, exorcisms, exorcists, witchcraft, sorcery, voodoo practitioners, and the like.

They also supposedly have happened in different eras and timelines.

Here are just some of the specific incidents in the local and international front during recent history:

  1. How about letting home start this one with a bang. Anyone reading this who didn’t set foot in Baguio City, Philippines just try searching for paranormal experiences and sightings here, specifically at Loakan Road, White Laperal House, Teacher’s Camp, Baguio Convention Center, Diplomat Hotel, former Hyatt Terraces Hotel site, Nevada Square and some dormitories. If one asks a true-blue Baguio resident, they have lots of unexplainable tales occurring in these sites to narrate, some of them even experienced first-hand. No wonder Baguio is tagged as the third most haunted city by National Geographic.
  2. There are too many cases of pig and chicken butchering according to Cordillera culture as a result of some dead relative “manifesting” their presence or a message to a living relative relayed via speaking through medium, a dream, or an incident.
  3. The eerie sightings and noises at Balete Drive and the Ozone Disco spot in Quezon City and Fort Santiago in Manila.
  4. There are several reports of cases of multiple school children being possessed by spiritual beings during school hours in the Philippines. Not to be discounted are the supposed aswang, white lady, tikbalang and kapre (some Filipino terms for supernatural beings) sightings;
  5. Magicians from different parts of the world have exhibited some performances and acts that are not just slight of hand and could not be explained by nature or science. Examples are the appearance of cards or cds in seconds from thin air; disappearing in one location then reappearing in another in just seconds, communicating with spirits or souls of dead people with an immediate answer, stopping a bullet with teeth, vomiting and swallowing of live creatures; multiple changing of face masks and costumes in split seconds, and levitation among others. Many of them are televised live and replays can be easily viewed from different social media platforms.
  6. Numerous photos taken in different eras that show a dead person among the captured image.
  7. The United States Department of Defense confirmation, just this April, 2020, of three instances that indicate the presence of Unidentified Flying Objects recorded by their military in 2004 and 2015. They still refer to them as “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’

On the other hand, many devoted church goers have experienced, seen, or heard of instances of instant healing, “casting out of demons”, and other similar supernatural incidents.

True, many reported cases and acts might just be due to just deception, illusion, being fake, or simply just performing an innocent superstition ritual but there is no doubt that not everyone of them are.

In addition to these direct cases of manifestations, there are also the indirect evidences that this realm indeed exists.

Almost all humans had personally encountered manifestations of the supernatural through dreams, nightmares, mediation, curiosity, and imaginations.

Isn’t it ironic that six of the top ten highest grossing films all-time as of 2019 when adjusted for inflation have characters and settings that are not normal? Imagine the number of people that enjoyed Avatar, Star Wars, Avengers: Endgame, E.T., The Ten Commandments, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It is agreed that while these evidences collectively prove there must be undeniable existence of some sort of supernatural presence, they do not directly prove that God is real.

But, at the same time, they put the bible’s supernatural stories and God “on base”, speaking on baseball terminology.

They remove the probability of God being non-existent. The presence of the spiritual realm will strongly suggest the likelihood that He indeed exists.

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Here are other documented incidents involving the supernatural:

The Miracle of the Sun

This incident happened on October 13, 1917 that was seen and experienced by a crowd of estimated between 30,000 to 100,000 while standing in the Cova da Iria fields near Fatima, Portugal.

According to many witnesses, after a period of rain and as soon as the dark clouds broke, the sun appeared as a spinning disc in the sky. It was said to be significantly duller than normal, and cast multicolored lights across the landscape and the surrounding clouds. The sun was then reported to have careened towards the Earth before zig-zagging back to its normal position.

Witnesses reported that their previously wet clothes became “suddenly and completely dry, as well as the wet and muddy ground that had been previously soaked because of the rain that had been falling”.

Not all witnesses reported seeing the Sun “dance”. Some people only saw the radiant colors, and others, including some believers, saw nothing at all.

The incident was attributed to Our Lady of Fatima, an apparition of the Virgin Mary which had appeared to three young children, Lúcia dos Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto, on three different occasions supposedly telling them to watch out for a miracle on that specific day in October.

This phenomenon was officially accepted as a miracle by the Roman Catholic church on 13th of October, 1930.

Conservative approach

The placing of trust to and reliability on the bible has been debated upon for centuries now because of the views on how one considers life on earth and after it.

Debates rages since time immemorial if the supernatural is true. Some found evidences that says it is not but not all incidents involving them have not been debunked.

These proven existence of the spiritual realm lends much credibility to the bible. And since it is telling there is a God and there is a possibility that He indeed exists, being conservative might be the best alternative here.

Accountants describe conservatism as selecting the option that would show the worst possible financial standing of a business entity when two or more unproven alternatives are available. This is to remove the user of the account’s output be exposed to a bigger risk in case the worst possible scenario happens.

As it stands, the risk of not believing in and obeying God far outweighs the benefits of pure reliance in science for a better earthly life.

That is until it is absolutely proven that there is indeed no God nor hell.

By Armando M. Bolislis

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