Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.” – Henry Ford Sr.

 We can accomplish great things if we prepare ourselves physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. If we are prepared we can be ready for anything. We may fail sometime but this is just a part of preparation for greater achievements. We all have read and heard about people who used failures as learning experiences to become better at what they do. And no other person I can think of who lived this principle of preparation than the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

He was at the synagogue one Sabbath morning as He was a regular attendee there. A scripture from the Torah was read as they usually do. It was another Sabbath like any other Sabbath in the past. There was nothing special to expect.

Then He spoke. He did not orate like Cicero in the walls of the Roman senate. But his words flowed smoothly like a cool water in a hot and dry summer day. (Little did they know he was the living water.)

“Where did He get his wisdom?” (See Matthew 13:54-57) “Who are His parents? Isn’t His mother a housewife and His father a carpenter?” (See Mark 5:2-3).  “How can it be?” They wanted to check His credentials. They saw it as rather unusual that this son of Joseph the carpenter could actually teach authoritatively (Mark 1:22). Then they went too far to the point of generalizing. “Can anything good come out from Nazareth?” (John 1:46).

It’s just sad that people look down on and discriminate someone who just happens to be from the dusty alleys in the outskirts of the city. So for quite sometime, the wisdom of Jesus was shrouded in a mystery. Everyone was guessing. Where, exactly, does His wisdom come from?

In the gospels, you will read something like this. “And the child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him” (Luke 2:40 NKJV)  This one sentence biography could well be a summary of several chapters.

He was “filled with wisdom”. That’s what Luke said. And it does not require a genius to figure this one out, maybe some common sense would help.

As a young boy, He could have asked a lot of “why’s” like any other boy in the neighborhood. “Why is the sky colored blue”, “Why does it get dark during the night”. “Why…, why…” And Mary must have been just as willing to fill the mind of the inquisitive child.

The “education” of Jesus Christ rarely crop up in any Biblical discussion because of the assumption that He could read and write even without going to school being the son of God. For the same reason, we expected Him to be familiar with the Scriptures even if no one would teach Him.

However, I believe Mary had done what a mother should do to, train and mold the young Jesus. And she did that for twelve years. Mothers had always been the first teachers, a role that is rarely acknowledged. The Bible says, He was an obedient child (Luke 2:51).

And for the next 18 years, more education or training if you will, followed. Sitting with the teachers at one time, He was found listening. He was asking questions. He was an eager student. (Luke2:46)

From there, He took His education to the next level. His hunger for knowledge and wisdom intensified which was quite uncommon because most of the boys His age merely contented themselves by following their father’s vocation. In those days, if the father is a fisherman, the son too would naturally become a fisherman. In the case of Jesus, the Bible says, His “wisdom increased” (Luke 2:52).

He learned unceasingly. I guess He was preparing for the great task ahead of Him.  It was in fact, a long term preparation.

Instead of napping under the cabinets and tables in the carpentry shop during lunch break, I can picture Him meditating on the scriptures read last Sabbath. Instead of daydreaming under the olive tree during weekends, He was found at the temple. The Bible says it was His custom to go to the synagogue to read (Luke 4:16).

“Success depends on previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” – Confucius

And when He finally left the dusty workplace of Joseph to fulfill His destiny, He was absolutely confident. No hesitation. No second thoughts.

We still have missions to do in this earthly life as long as we are still alive. Let us therefore, prepare for it.  You may have a boring routine every day but He can come anytime to infuse new life into your desert-like existence. Be prepared. Invite Him now.