Police officer hit for breach of protocols


BAGUIO CITY– A junior police officer assigned in a national support unit (NSU) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) is being accused by some field training program (FTP) personnel manning a quarantine checkpoint on one of the major entry and exist routes of the city of alleged violation of the established quarantine protocols.

Based on a document made available to Herald Express by reliable sources, the aforesaid police officer allegedly disobeyed and ran away from a quarantine checkpoint being manned by FTP personnel after they reportedly tried to flag the same down for the enforcement of the prevailing health and safety protocols.

The vehicle of the police officer came from La Union and that the same was loaded with boxes of gin that will be reportedly sold in the city at much higher price despite the prevalence of liquor ban.

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Information gathered showed that the junior police officer, together with 3 companions, went to La Union in the morning of a given date for surveillance but the said activity did not push through, thus, he allegedly took the chance to purchase a motorcycle in one of the towns before heading to Baguio City.

The purchased motorcycle was reportedly tied at the back of the pickup that was used by the police officer and his companions before proceeding to the city.

The report stated that one of his companions was a policeman who is a member of the same office where the junior police officer is assigned and informed investigators that in the afternoon of the same date when they stopped at the quarantine checkpoint in front of a police station.

The said vehicle was owned and driven by the said police officer where it had 3 passengers at the time.

One FTP reportedly approached the driver’ side and asked the police officer for a travel order and an identification card which was clearly heard by the police officer’s companion who was seated in front.

The police officer showed his travel order to the FTP personnel and identified himself and rank, but the FTP personnel told him to park at the side of the road upon instructions of higher officers.

The police officer reportedly obliged to the request of the FTP personnel but when he allegedly no longer went near them, they moved on.

Investigators cannot not yet make a conclusion on the matter until the side of the FTP personnel are taken, thus, it was recommended that the statement of the FTP and police personnel on duty at that time and date be taken so that the truth will be known.

It was also recommended that the FTP personnel’s statement be taken by other law enforcement units so as to prevent any whitewash and taking the same by the same office will be considered as self-serving.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) ordered the conduct of a full-blown investigation to ferret out the truth on the aforesaid matter because of alleged conflicts in the revelations.

By Hent

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