PMA told to suspend ‘no decal, no entry’ policy in 3 barangays

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City officials reiterated the earlier request of the city government for the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) to suspend its ‘no decal, no entry’  policy as contained in Resolution No. 527, series of 2020 in areas of its military reservations such as barangays Camp Allen, Upper Market Subdivision and St. Joseph Village.

Under Resolution No. 603, series of 2020, signed by Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong, city legislators stated that the suspension of the Academy’s ‘no decal, no entry’ policy should be extended not only in the military reservation at Fort del Pilar and Barangay Camp Allen but also to similarly situated barangays within such reservations like Upper Market Subdivision and St. Joseph Village barangays.

Earlier, Resolution No. 527, series of 2020, reiterated Resolution No. 022, series of 2019, to the PMA to suspend the implementation of its controversial ‘no decal, no entry’ camp policy at Camp Henry T. Allen which is greatly affecting the residents of the barangay hosting the military camp.

The council proposed the creation of a grievance committee with PMA representatives in each of the foresaid barangays for the purpose of resolving disputes arising between the residents and the Academy concerning their respective property rights and interests in the said areas.

According to the council, the composition of the grievance committees in each of the said barangays with the PMA shall be relayed to the City Council within 7 working days from the approval of the aforesaid resolution for monitoring, among other purposes, that the council may deem necessary to undertake.

Copies of the aforesaid resolution will be transmitted to the offices of barangays St. Joseph Village, Camp Allen and Upper Market Subdivision and the PMA Superintendent for their information and appropriate action.

Concerned residents in the said barangays previously complained to city officials on the strict enforcement of the ‘no decal, no entry’  policy by the PMA within the different military reservations in the city covering the aforesaid barangays that impede the smooth flow of vehicular traffic in their places during certain hours of the day and night.

However, PMA authorities pointed out that the strict implementation of the ‘no decal, no entry’  policy for vehicles entering the various military camps in the city located in the aforesaid barangays is part of the stringent security measures being enforced in such facilities as part of the military’s standard operating procedures to avert the occurrence of any untoward incident that will compromise the security of the important government facilities.

The council stipulated that the concerned committee will closely monitor the compliance of the PMA to the request to ensure that there will be smooth flow of vehicular traffic in the said barangays and for the residents to be able to freely move inside and outside the camps with strict compliance to the agreed conditions for them to present the proper identification of their being residents of the same so as not to cast doubt on their purpose in entering the barangays situated in military reservations. By Dexter A. See