Pauper’s burial ordinance in Balintaugan okayed


BAUKO, Mountain Province  – The municipal council approved a resolution approving the implementation of Ordinance No. 3, series of 2019 known as the pauper’s burial ordinance of barangay Balintaugan.

The Sangguniang Bayan found the barangay ordinance authored by barangay kagawad Salvador Liked complied with all the requirements as per the review and endorsement done by the Committee on Rules and Law.

Further, the aforesaid barangay ordinance was found to be consistent with existing laws, rules and regulations governing the implementation of ordinances.

Under the barangay ordinance, the barangay will provide free decent burial services for all indigents, street roamers, victims of disasters or crimes who have no claimants and who are residents of barangay Balintaugan.

The ordinance stated no person can avail of the services of the program unless upon approval of the punong barangay or his duly authorized representative.

Moreover, the barangay midwife and the barangay health worker, in coordination with the municipal social welfare and development officer, shall determine the financial status and condition of the prospective beneficiary and his or her family and upon determination that the same is an indigent, she or he shall issue the required certification to that effect.

The chairperson of the barangay council committee on environment, tourism and parks management shall help in the identification of the area for the interment of the deceased indigent at the Gutang, Balintaugan barangay cemetery.

The barangay shall provide the family of the deceased indigent limited financial assistance amounting to P5,000 which shall be sourced from the provincial government’s aid to the barangays.

The barangay shall keep records of the beneficiaries of the program to serve as a basis in documenting the use of the financial aid being provided by the provincial government to the different barangays of the province.

The barangay council tasked the barangay midwife and the Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative authorized to promulgate the required rules and regulations necessary to ensure the implementation of the ordinance.

Section 9 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution provides the State shall promote a just and dynamic social order that will ensure the prosperity and independence of the nation and free the people from poverty through policies that provide adequate social services, promote fair employment, a rising standard of living and an improved quality of life for all.

The local government units are required to enact and approve ordinances, and appropriate funds for the general welfare of the people living in the locality in compliance with the Constitutional provision.

However, poverty relief has left to the government, including various entities, the question of who should shoulder the needs of the poor, thus, the crafting of the ordinance that addresses the concerns of the marginalized sector in the barangay in times of loss of loved ones.