Patient K-08 is isolated – CHO assures public

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TABUK CITY, Kalinga – City Health Officer Dr. Henrietta Linden Bagayao is advising the public not to be alarmed concerning Patient K-08, the latest COVID-19 case reported in the province today, July 10, 2020 since she has been in isolation upon her arrival.
Patient K-08 arrived in the province in a private car along with her husband last July 7, 2020 from Marikina. They were both quarantined as a protocol. Health officials say the husband tested negative but was swabbed for the second time when her wife was found positive of the virus.
Bagayao said, Patient K-08 has undergone triaging and was found reactive in her rapid test so she was immediately swab tested for confirmation. Both are now at the City Isolation Unit in Agbannawag.
Contact tracing is now being undertaken, Bagayao said.
Meanwhile, the doctor also assured the public that the city government’s system in containing possible infection and contact tracing are all in place, which had been contributory to the immediate detection and contract tracing of all the cases in the province.
“First we have functional barangay isolation units and temporary treatment and monitoring facilities which are vital in immediately containing those who are arriving. Secondly, the city’s systems and protocols of mandatory triaging rapid testing and swabbing of reactive rapid testing for locally stranded individuals, Returning Overseas Filipinos and even all those arriving with travel history specially to red areas,” she said.
She also cited the commitment of the frontliners regardless of the difficulties and risk of staying the control checkpoints, isolation units, at the triage and treatments center and the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT).
Tabuk City Mayor Darwin Estrañero in a statement commended the fast detection and identification of patients with the establishment of functional system and health safety protocols in the city.
“We thank the frontliners for their dedication and commitment, and also the employees of the various departments who volunteered to also share frontline duties specifically at Talaca,” he said.
Currently the city is maintaining its watch at Talaca control checkpoint which is the main entry point of those coming from the National Capital Region, Baguio City and most of the provinces in Cagayan Valley.//GGD