P2.5 billion needed to pursue Baguio market development


BAGUIO CITY – The city government needs at least P2.5 billion to pursue the massive facelift of the city’s public market to make it one of the most modernized markets in Southeast Asia.

Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong said the conceptual development plan presented by the members of the technical working group (TWG) created for the said purpose will be the basis for the a detailed feasibility study of the project that could be implemented by phases, depending on the availability of the funds that could be earmarked for the project.

The conceptual development plan will still be subjected to further consultations, scoping sessions and public hearings with the concerned stakeholders to ensure the social acceptability of the project.

The Mayor disclosed the city government will closely working with the concerned stakeholders of the city public market to realise the modernized market as envisioned by the present administration.

Included in the planned modernization of the city’s public market will be the Magsaysay complex, the 5-storey main market building with a basement parking component that can accommodate 635 slots, the Hilltop and Kayang offices, the road links and elevated pathways, among other improvements that will significantly improve the current situation in the market area.

One of the 15-point collective agenda of the present administration is for the modernization of the public market for the city’s existing public market to be at par with the other improved markets in the different parts of Northern Luzon.

Earlier, the city government created a TWG composed of private and public practitioners in the field of architecture purposely to prepare the conceptual development plan of the city public market and to submit the same to the city officials within a period of 60 days that was compiled by the said group.

Magalong commended the team of young architects commissioned to prepare the conceptual development plan, saying the team did a good job in coming out with a beautiful design for the city’s public market that will now serve as a basis in the formulation of the detailed feasibility study for the project.

According to him, the best way to implement the project is to undertake the same through phases depending on the availability of the funds from both the government and the private sector considering the enormous funds required to complete the project.

He pointed out the city government will continue engaging all concerned stakeholders for them to provide their inputs in the improvement of the design of the market development project so that appropriate adjustments could be made in the finalization of the plans in time for its implementation once the same will be given the go-signal to proceed.

The mayor admitted that there is still a need to consult all the market stakeholders and gather whatever their inputs so that the implementing agencies will be able to address the same and incorporate whatever improvements that will be required prior to implementation.

By Dexter A. See