No permit for cockpit operation in Tublay

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TUBLAY, Benguet – The municipal government underscored that it never issued a permit for the operation of a cockpit arena in the municipality although it issued a special permit for cockfighting in Caponga for a limited period of three months that will expire the soonest.

Mayor Armando Lauro said that no permit was issued for the alleged operation of a cockpit at Km. 17, Ambassador but there was a permit for cockfighting that was issued for the operation of the same in Caponga which will eventually expire considering that the timeframe that was given was only 3 months.

Further, he pointed out that it was stipulated that aside from cockfighting, there will be no card games that will be allowed and that serving of liquor will also be prohibited to prevent the same from being a source of misunderstanding that will result to unnecessary troubles that will disturb the town’s peace and order situation.

“We also issued an order prohibiting the conduct of gambling activities in wakes in the different parts of the municipality considering that the same is considered to be illegal, thus, appropriate directives were issued to the police to intensify their anti-gambling operations to rid the town of illegal gambling activities,”  Mayor Lauro stressed.

The local chief executive emphasized that the local government does not want the youth to be exposed to illegal gambling activities because it will surely have an impact on their perception of the society that they are living and will serve as a bad example that will surely affect their growth as responsible and dedicated citizens of the community.

According to him, there is a need for adults and elders to be worthy examples of today’s youth by showing them the right things to do in life so that they will be empowered to emulate the good deeds and traits of a responsible individual wanting to be good examples for the future generations.

Mayor Lauro stated that appropriate instructions were already given out to the local police force and barangay officials to intensify their anti-gambling campaign to rid the municipality of illegal activities that tend to taint its prevailing decent peace and order situation as the municipality remains to be one of the most peaceful and orderly towns not only in the province but also in the entire region.

Part of the thrusts of the preset administration of the municipality is to empower the people to be religious and shy away from unnecessary vices such as gambling and drinking liquor which will have a serious negative impact on the efforts of the local government to nurture responsible and dedicated citizens who will be the ones to be in power in the future.

Tublay is one of the fifth-class municipalities in the province which rely on agriculture and tourism as its primary economic drivers and part of its current assets are God-fearing people who simply want to live a peaceful life in the countryside.

Lauro emphasized that the local government’s aggressive anti-vice campaign is geared towards molding the town’s populace to become morally upright citizens putting God at the center of their lives for them to be able to succeed in their chosen endeavors. Considering that living with the right morals and character will surly bring the people to greater heights.