No more active COVID-19 cases in Kalinga; 6 patients cleared

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TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The local government disclosed that there are no more active Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases not only in the whole province but also in the city following the negative test results of the six individuals who were earlier tested positive for the deadly virus.

Initially, the last 4 COVID-19 cases in the city were the ones that tested negative for the virus which was followed by the negative test results of the first two imported patients who were found to be infected upon arrival at the quarantine checkpoints established by the city’s part of the precautionary measures against the spread of the virus.

Mayor Darwin C. Estrañero was elated over the latest development on COVID-19 in the city and the province as well although the provincial inter-agency task force denied the city’s request to bring back the status of the component city to enhanced community quarantine.

He pointed out that despite the negative COVID-19 test results of the 6 earlier confirmed patients, aggressive contact tracing is still being pursued by frontliners to ascertain that all the close contacts of the returning locally stranded individuals and overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) shall have underwent the standard health protocols being enforced by the city.

At present, the 6 earlier confirmed cases have some 62 close contacts, while the returning locally stranded individuals, OFWs and frontliners were reported to have some 118 contacts and still counting.

The local chief executive claimed that the results of the swab tests that were undertaken on the close contacts are still being awaited but local officials and health authorities are keeping their fingers crossed that the same will reflect negative of the deadly virus so that the local government can proceed with the implementation of stringent measures to abate the possible transmission of the deadly virus in the city.

Mayor Estrañero asserted that the city inter-agency task force decided to allow the entry of locally stranded individuals, returning OFWs, among others in the city only on Wednesdays, provided that, they possess the appropriate travel documents such as travel authority from the police chief of their place of origin and medical certificate from the city or municipal health officer from the area where they come from aside from being subjected to the established triage in the different checkpoints round the city.

According to him, the local government does not want what happened to the first two imported cases in the city will again happen because there are some people who continue to refuse to abide by the established quarantine protocols that is why the city will remain firm on its stand to require returning locally stranded individuals, OFWs, among others their complete travel documents before being allowed entry in the city.

Further, the said individuals will be advised to go on the mandatory 14-day home isolation or quarantine depending on the assessment of health authorities conducting triage upon their arrival in the said established police checkpoints.

Estrañero appealed to returning residents to understand why the local government is strictly enforcing quarantine protocols because what is being protected is the health and safety of majority of the populace.

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