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What started with simple men’s talk among neophyte entrepreneurs is slowly become a dream come true. With the lapse of time, your Herald Express is now celebrating its fifth anniversary as one of your newest publication not only of the Cordillera but some parts of the Ilocos Region. Your Herald Express was also one of those media organizations that willingly embraced the use of information and communication technology or social media to establish its firm and solid presence in the industry. The achievement of this milestone in our life as a  media organization is worthy of celebration coupled with commitment to sustained efforts to improve our performance in bringing you the balanced news that matters to our readers.

The birth pains of opening up a business venture has passed but management has to contend with the emerging challenges from social media which has undoubtedly become a serious challenge in the mainstream media industry. Experts and analysts of what had been transpiring in the global media industry over the past several years see mainstream media definitely surviving the challenges posed by the social media, provided, it will introduce added innovations that will keep the readers, listeners and viewers, interested accessing it. Thus, a multi-faceted platform is a big advantage in this competitive industry. It is for this reason that the founders of your Herald Express, now a global source of reliable information from the Cordillera, decided to start it right by embracing the use of social media as part of its platform. We are guided by certain business and journalistic principles, and even instincts, that paved the way for us to slowly climb the ladder one step at a time until we gained the appropriate mileage that had placed us in the right position amidst the fast paced changes in the industry.

Your Herald Express fully draws inspiration from the overwhelming support and patronage it had been getting from the cross section of society. With are a lean and mean work force, we were able to establish the appropriate linkages with the newsmakers so that with just a press of the fingers, we can easily access the needed information we could develop as our news both for our print and online editions. The criticisms, malicious observations and even name-calling that we got through the years never disappointed us, but instead, these inspired us to strive harder for what we think is right in running our business. At the start there were strongly expressed skepticism on our viability but we never backed down but instead continued to work for the growth of our enterprise looking towards a future where we will be continually relevant.

We credit our success in reaching this point in our own individual and collective careers in the fourth state in our ability to make some sacrifice in almost every aspect of life, passion to work double time even without the desired compensation, love for the trade and the support of our respective families. Being in the media sector is a round-the-clock endeavour that is why our families were also trained to be part of the trade making their own sacrifices to allow us to pursue our careers, and whatever fruits we are reaping today, we enjoy with them

We continue to be the Herald Express people that you have known through the years. We have been part of your families and you had been part of ours too that is why we are here today to enjoy the celebration of the Yuletide season with utmost simplicity. Your Herald Express is leveling up and will continue to do so to be par with similar media organizations striving to make their mark in this highly competitive undertaking in the country.

We are grateful to everyone, who, in one way or the other, contributed to our success and our ability to reach this milestone in the history of the media organization. With your sustained support and patronage, we will together be part of a growing worldwide audience willing to embrace the changes in the media technology for us to be updated on the latest happenings in our midst and the different parts of the global village. Your support will forever be etched in our history to remind us that we are here to uphold the tenets of responsible journalism. May it be known that politicians never had a place in our business concept and there is no truth that this media organization is being bankrolled and supported by politicians. We support the good deeds of our politicians but we will not tolerate their bad deeds that is why we will continue to be the source of information that matters to one and all.

Happy 5th birthday to the management and staff of Herald Express and wishing the best for everyone in their respective endeavours.