National Women’s Month Celebration Kicks Off Begnas


BAUKO, Mountain Province – With March 8 falling on the second Thursday of the month, the
municipal government celebrated National Women’s Month during the first day of Begnas di Bauko
Festival at the Municipal Oval in barangay Poblacion.

The program started with a parade participated by the female employees of the municipal and
national agencies and members of the different women’s organization from the 22 barangays of
Bauko in their violet shirt and gitap (native attire). Joining them in the parade were the municipal and
barangay officials, and other supporters in violet shirt and black pants.

After the parade was the Unity Mass. In his homily, Father Allen Basilio said that with the many
feminist philosophies and theologies he hopes that women will come to realize that they should be
promoter of love.

“We have understood that in our education, it’s not enough that the fathers, the men, will be
the ones ruling our municipality, our country. It should be balanced, that is why we recognized the
power of women also. But not in a way that will antagonize men, but in a way that will promote
collaboration between men and women,” he said. Father Allen added that the collaboration should be
guided with obedience to God.

During the opening program, Vice Mayor Bartoleme B. Badecao highlighted the different role of
the husband and wife.

Psychologist Abegail V. Palangyos during her talk encouraged everyone to reject prejudice
based on gender. She urged the women to embrace the strength within them, allow themselves to
flourish and be recognized as a strong woman. Let us open our minds, let us open our hearts that in
this world, God created man and woman equal,” Palangyos said.

Citing this year’s theme “We Make Change Work for Women” the keynote speaker Councilor
Ricky B. Samidan encouraged the women to contribute for the realization of their theme. He advised
married women to show respect to their husband, take good care of their children, and work hand in
hand with their husband for them to prosper.

He also advised female students to do well on their studies so that they will be able to effect
change work for women.

“You (women) have achieved victories in a fight for gender equality in our society. But still you
must continue to work the great work that many women has done. It can only be meaningful if you
ensure that the future generation continues to pave the way for more women to work hand and hand,
side by side with us men,” Samidan stressed. By BLM