Motorcycle riders group helps a family in need

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TABUK CITY, Kalinga–  Established two years ago, the Full Spectrum Riders Association of the Philippines (FSRAP)-Kalinga chapter advocates for disciplined and law-abiding motorcycle ridership. They often partner with law enforcers like the Highway Patrol Group (HPG)-Kalinga in educating riders about traffic rules and road safety. 

But FSRAP members are not only about good ridership, they also imbibe good Samaritan spirit with their various charity and volunteer work. FSRAP-Kalinga chapter provincial chairman Moises Baysa Jr. shared they actively helped the government in its COVID-19 pandemic response, assisting police in checkpoints, and distributing masks. 

So when the group heard that a certain Santos family in sitio Burubur, Bulo, was in need, they did not think twice about extending a helping hand. 

The members pooled donations of rice, groceries, and two wheelchairs for the Santos family. The HPG-Kalinga led by Police Major Robert Dumallay also pitched in medicines, vitamins, and monetary assistance.

Baysa shared that of all the charity work they have done, helping the Santos family was by far the most emotionally affecting. “I was really hit hard by the situation of Simplicio’s family. I was holding back my tears when we handed them the donations,” he said. 

Baysa related that Simplicio Santos was a widower and was left as the sole caretaker of his family after his wife passed in April. Two of Simplicio’s four children, namely Simplicio Jr. and Liza, were suffering from a childhood illness that has left them permanently disabled and in need of round-the-clock care.

Knowing this, the FSRAP members contributed out of their own pockets to buy the children wheelchairs. Baisa said Simplicio Jr. has already gotten his wheelchair while Liza’s wheelchair is expected to be delivered next week. 

Baysa narrated that when they handed their donations to the Santos family last May 20, they learned the younger Liza was in the hospital, so they rode to the Holy Trinity Medical Clinic to give their monetary assistance in time to help Mr. Santos defray the costs of the hospital bills. 

“Naiyak si [sir Simplicio] kasi hindi niya in-expect na may second round of tulong pa, especially kasi egsakto naman na ilalabas na niya si Liza sa ospital,” Baysa said. 

Baysa felt that their donations were not enough and wish that they could give more but hopes that in their own little way they have made a difference to the Santos family’s life. 

“Hindi dahil sa marami kaming pera kaya nagbibigay kami. It’s just about…once in our lives kasi dumaan kami sa sitwasyong as in walang-wala kami so [we know the feeling], kaya in as much as possible, habang bata pa, habang kaya pa, habang gumugulong pa ang gulong, tutulong pa,” Baysa said.