Military action not a solution to PHL’s peace


FORT DEL PILAR, Baguio City March 15 – Peace and order and development concerns confronting the country cannot be solved by immediate military action but instead through various interventions both civilian and military in nature, the top graduating cadet of the Sundalong Isinilang na may Angking Galing at Lakas Handang Ipaglaban ang Bayan (Sinag Lahi) Class 2015 of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) said here.

2Lt. Arwi Chiday Martinez said addressing the country’s peace and order concerns through immediate military action would be uncalled for because war has numerous complications that would significantly affect various sectors of the society.

“It is my fervent wish that our class remain steadfast in rendering selfless service to God, people and country which I believe is the true measure of greatness,” the Young Igorot military officer stressed.

As the 172-strong new military officers embark on a new journey in their career, Martinez pointed out at they must act and respond to the aspiration of the Filipino for peace through peaceful means in order to spare the displacement of a portion of the population from their sources of livelihood and domicile.

He admitted the challenge for the new military officers is now to put to reality the lessons they have learned inside the premier military school in Asia in relation to the quest of the Filipino people for peace and prosperity.

Martinez underscored they do not want to repeat history that showed that the mistakes of the past was the immediate rush for military action regarding issues and concerns for peace without weighing its immediate and long-term consequences to the populace.

According to him, the new military officers have offered to commit their strength and their wit to uphold and protect the so virginity of the country in order for the attainment o lasting peace that would subsequently translate to prosperity in the future.

Martinez said he is proud to be a young Igorot military officer who would set the example for today’s youth to live a life worth living for, a life for others and to live a life of sacrifice.

The new Army officer claimed their failures inside the Academy have taught them to become responsible, humble and dedicated public servants and that they will use their failures to further mold them into becoming successful military officers in the course of their career in the armed forces.

He asserted as a class, they have agreed to sacrifice their lives in the battlegrounds only to help the country achieve lasting people that the Filipino people had been longing for in order to also realize prosperity for the future generations of Filipinos.

Martinez dedicated his success in the Academy, to his family, friends, relatives, classmates, the community of Baguio and the people of the country who are eagerly awaiting his service as a commissioned officer of the armed forces raring to sacrifice for the attainment of lasting peace and continues prosperity for every Filipino family.

By Dexter A. See