Mentors Come in Many Ways


Psalm 136:1 declares, “Give thanks to the Lord, because He is good; His love is eternal.” One of many ways I am grateful for is how He led great men and women to meet me along my path to guide me to goodness in the midst of my weakness, and groom me for greatness despite my small-mindedness.

It was in September 2011. I was invited to attend a financial seminar. The emcee welcomed everybody and introduced the first speaker. “Before we continue to talk about the technology of money, we need to understand the theology of money. To help us set our foundations right, please welcome, Bro. Bo Sanchez.” The name was familiar to me, but this was the first time I will be seeing him in person. And there he spoke and shared his story and life learnings. I was awed and awakened by the realities that a man or woman, rich or poor, religious or not religious, for-profit corporations or charitable foundations must face.

Yes, I was in a financial seminar and we were talking about family, faith, and friendships. We were not just talking about money; we were also talking about ministry. We were not just talking about salary and pesos; we were talking about service and purpose. It is no longer about money for the sake of money. It is now about the intention of earning income, it is now about the mission of your money.

I was blown away. This led me to ask more questions about life, about success, about greatness. My heart was searching for answers. That day, I became a hungry student of him. That day, I whispered, “Mentor me, grandmaster.” And while our one-on-one conversations were so limited, I found ways to be mentored by him.

In various ways, I became his protégé.

First, through his plethora of books. I read a lot of them – speaking about the fields of personal finance, health, personal growth, faith, and even marriage and love life.

Second, through his tons of talks and trainings. I listened to and attended many of them – tackling on the many areas of life, leadership, career, writing books, giving talks, and a whole lot more. I have been attending the Feast, Kerygma Conference, and his Truly Rich Club events. I took his courses on sales letter writing, becoming successful speakers, and being bestselling authors.

Third, through our several yet so-quick up-close and personal encounters. Despite the long lines and the sea of people in different occasions, I would go to him, shake his hand, say hi, introduce myself, take a picture with him, converse with him quickly and say thank you.

Fourth, through his life example. I observe him and see how he does what he does.

With all these, I did my best to grow myself, to be better. And even if I am failing and falling short many times, I am doing my best to get back on track. I might be one of his worst students; but even if that’s the case, I believe I am becoming better.

Thanks to him and many others who have served as mentors in many ways, in different channels. I have grown so much in my career. I have spoken to and trained different audiences around the country largely because of his influence to me. I have written and published four books to date and intend to keep writing in the years to come. Mentors can do magic and they can come in many ways.

I encourage you, my friend, to seek mentors. They come in various ways. In this age, you can even have virtual mentors to add to your in-person mentors.

I am excited for you. I am excited for your growth story. Go, meet your mentor. Today!

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a leadership trainer, inspirational speaker, and an author of 4 books including ‘SPEAK: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation with Competence and Confidence’. You may get your copy of this book at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, 001 Yangco Street, Baguio City or at Soledad Religious Store, Porta Vaga Mall, Baguio City. Follow him on Facebook at