Mayor urges active participation of workers in wellness program


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BAGUIO CITY  – Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong urged officials and employees of the city government to actively participate in the regular wellness program done every Friday afternoon right in front of city hall.

The city chief executive pointed out the regular wellness program is intended to keep the city government officials and employees healthy by relieving them of the stress they have accumulated for the week.

He ordered department heads to be present and lead their staff during the conduct of the regular wellness program.

On the other hand, the city mayor requested members of the City Council to also join in the wellness program to ensure greater participation from the existing work force of the city considering that they also deserve to have time to rejuvenate themselves from the stressful work during the week.

The conduct of regular wellness activities by the concerned government agencies and the local government is sanctioned by the Civil Service Commission as part of the efforts to keep employees healthy for them to render quality services to their clients.

Previously, the city hall officials and employees had been active in the conduct of the regular health and fitness program every Friday afternoon wherein the city government work force were encouraged to join the said event primarily for health and fitness reasons.

Magalong underscored that officials and employees deserve to take a reasonable break from rendering services to their clients through the implementation of the regular wellness program to relieve the stress they had been experiencing in rendering services, thus, the institutionalization of the said program for the benefit of everyone wanting to be healthy or to practice healthy lifestyle.

Initially, he observed there were only few officials and employees that participated in the relaunching of the wellness program the previous week but the number of individuals increased in the next staging of the Friday afternoon wellness event.

While there were more individuals that opted to watch the wellness program, he urged even the public to join in the regular conduct of the wellness program to promote healthy lifestyles as there is an increasing number of individuals contracting lifestyle-related illnesses that compromise their health condition.

The city mayor expressed confidence there will be greater participation from the officials and employees of the city government in the next sessions of the wellness program every Friday afternoon.

The regular wellness activities are being done at the city hall grounds but when the weather does not permit, the same is being conducted in the city hall lobby.

By Dexter A. See