Mayor Magalong vows to work for better Baguio

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BAGUIO CITY July 02 – Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong assured the people of the country’s undisputed Summer Capital he will aggressively work for a better Baguio which had long been the desire of the people as a breath of fresh air that the city deserves in this present times.

The new local chief executive pointed out that with the faith in the Almighty, he believes a better Baguio is achievable in the next 3 years with the utmost cooperation of the present batch of local officials and the people of the city.

Magalong acknowledged his predecessor, former Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan, for having done his valuable share in rehabilitating Baguio during its trying years in the 1990s, specifically during the rehabilitation from the July 16, 1990 killer earthquake, considering that by his leadership, he has made possible for the city to win countless awards and recognition for its achievement and it is now in his hands to sustain these.

He also congratulated Vice Mayor Olowan and the members of the local legislative body who already begun their legislative work expressing confidence they will work with him for the realization of a better Baguio.

“We are in this journey together and I have no doubt at all that we will support each other as partners in government. I know that the spirit of cooperation is well instilled in our heart. Together, we can and we will efficiently and effectively govern Baguio with a breath of fresh air,” Mayor Magalong stressed.

He emphasized that he values the support and cooperation of the entire work force of the local government as well as every colleague in the national government service which already means a lot to him, someone who desires no less than to make a difference for Baguio.

With a strong partnership anchored on the principles of seamless cooperation, collaboration, coordination and communication, Magalong committed to make Baguio a better city for everyone which he will do not just as a mayor, but as a leader who listens with a healthy respect to everyone, who leads by example and one who is willing to make the tough decisions at the right time.

According to him, the glorious past of Baguio will serve as a benchmark for the city’s new leaders to envision the future of the city where there is so much narrative to remind people who were born and who grew up in the city, to remind them of their birth and growing up years, to inspire them in regaining what may have been lost, and to define for them what people can worthily pass to the next generations.

From the visions crafted by the city’s founding fathers, Magalong underscored people know  Baguio eventually grew into the ranks of the most interesting places around the world, a unique city, as the nation’s undisputed Summer Capital, a premier tourist destination beyond compare, a center of education renowned in this part of the country, and just recently, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Creative City in the field of crafts and folk arts.

Magalong noted the observation of old timers that Baguio has developed much too much in just a few decades but people must admit that what has happened to the city is their collective responsibility and amidst the development frenzy, people did not mind it all because either residents have become insensitive or plain neglectful of their own duties as citizens.

He claimed that restoring Baguio, retrieving even a part of its old glory and charm will need the concerted action of everyone, whether governing or governed.

He claimed that something drastic, something decisive and something must be done to address and regulate the development activities happening right under the peoples’ noses.

“Let us all agree that now is the best time for change, and change is what Baguio will get. I am committed to do that, inspired by this clamor by the people of Baguio,” Magalong stated.

By: Dexter A. See
Banner photo by Armando M. Bolislis