Mayor cites value of celebrating Christmas


BAGUIO CITY  – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan underscored how imporant is giving love, peace, joy, humility and hope in the celebration of Christmas in memory of how the Almighty Father gave up his only begotten son Jesus Christ to save the people from their sins.

The local chief executive claimed it is not only the spirit of giving that matters during the Christmas celebration but more importantly on reflecting on how we were able to live the way Christ lived his life on earth spreading the good deeds and words of the Father. “It is always easy to say the words but it is difficult to put them to actions in our daily lives. Let us use the season to reflect on how we were able to deal with ourselves and our fellowmen,” Domogan stressed.

He pointed out that it is time for the people to use the Christmas season to ask forgiveness for their wrongdoings and start a new lease in their lives in their quest to improve their moral values to adhere to the right way of doing things.

According to him, there is no way for the people to live a decent life than to revitalize and enhance their spiritual values to improve the way people deal with their problems in the present times.

For his part, he admitted that he had his own mistakes and he is asking for forgiveness from those who may have been slighted or hurt by his words or actions that he took in discharging his duties and responsibilities as a public servant.

Aside from the outlined virtues, he asserted that people must also learn to sacrifice for the greater interest of others so they can meet challenges that will come their way as they try to achieve success in their chosen fields.

He explained that celebrating Christ’s birth should not only be done in December but should be done everyday so that people will have greater chances of strengthening the bonds that connect them with others through the years because it is still best to live a life without enemies and detractors.

The city official believes that it is not only in giving and receiving that people can show their way of celebrating Christmas but it is also in the way people treat their fellowmen who are either their friends, enemies or strangers.

By doing simple deeds that will help others solve their problems, he emphasized that doing justice to others contribute in improving inter-personal relationships.

He rallied the people of the city to learn to do good deeds that are not only beneficial to political interests but also contribute in moving the country’s summer apital to greater heights and help sustain our good image as peace-loving individuals who want to work for the advancement of our co-citizens, especially when they are living or spending a well-deserved break in the city.

He revealed that the local government is ready for the upcoming celebration of the Yuletide season in the city but urged the public to cooperate with the rules and regulations that guarantee the peaceful and orderly celebration of the Yuletide season.

By Dexter See