Mankayan pocket miners, LGU raising resources for Taal victims

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MANKAYAN, Benguet– Representatives of small-scale mining groups in the municipality sought the assistance of the municipal government to raise resources that will be the town’s relief assistance that will be brought to the evacuation centers serving those affected by the eruption of the scenic Taal Volcano.

Mayor Frenzel Ayong said that local small-scale miners are really kind-hearted as what had been evidenced by what they had done in the past since he assumed office as the municipal mayor.

Previously, the pocket miners assisted in the demolition of a building of the Lepanto National High School that was burned within the area of the large-scale mining company and also provided assistance in the clearing of the debris that buried a portion of a school in an agricultural barangay, thus, they are all over the place.

“We will be coordinating with concerned government agencies so that whatever resources raised will be brought to the area or evacuation centers that really need said assistance,”  Mayor Ayong stressed.

The Municipal Chief Executive narrated that the spirit of voluntarism and charity of the pocket miners were triggered by the images they saw of the situation of evacuees which showed like as if they have come out from the underground similar to what they look like when they come out their tunnels, aside from seeing the sufferings of the children, due to the effect of the ash fall in the affected communities in Batangas, Cavite and Rizal.

Initially, he said that officials of the pocket miners groups informed him about the volume of food and other relief items they are capable of producing that could be delivered to the  evacuation centers that need such assistance but he will await for the final details of such commitment before finalizing the announcement.

According to him, coordination is now being done with concerned government agencies for the identification of the evacuation center or centers where the relief items could be  delivered so that the assistance from kind hearted individuals and groups in the different parts of the country will be equitably distributed, with priority to be given to those who are in dire need of help as many left their homes with nothing when they had to forcibly evacuate from their residences at the height of the Taal Volcano eruption last Sunday.

Ayong called on other sectors interested to provide assistance to directly coordinate with the municipal government which can consolidate these prior to the delivery of the same to the identified evacuation centers.

Ayong appreciated the efforts of the small-scale miners of the municipality for their efforts in raising resources for the evacuees despite the temporary stoppage order governing the small-scale mining operations in the Cordillera proving that despite the difficulty of raising the needs of their families, they are still able to spare part of their resources for the victims of calamities like the eruption of the Taal Volcano.